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Police pick up 11 suspects linked to ritual murders

Police pick up 11 suspects linked to ritual murders as Xenophobic attacks intensify Eleven suspects have been detained by Police in connection with ritual murders that have rocked Lusaka city. About six people have been killed and their bodies dumped … read more »

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Brother-Jimmy Cliff

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Ex-Zambia team manager Solly Pandor dies

Ex-Zambia national team manager Solly Pandor has died. Sources confirmed that the long-serving team manager died in Lusaka on Wednesday morning. Pandor was team manager for over seven after the 1993 Gabon air crash and again from 2002 to 2010. … read more »

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Zanaco booted out of Confederation Cup

Zanaco have been booted out of the 2016 CAF Confederation Cup. The Bankers lost 3-0 away to Stade Gabesien of Tunisia to bow out 4-1 on aggregate in Gebes. Gebesien took a 2-0 half-time lead through Ahmed Hosni and Hichem … read more »

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5 Everyday Phrases That Actually Have Racist Origins

As the years go by, certain words and phrases take on new meanings. But some seemingly harmless terms actually stem from hurtful, racist origins. “Understanding where these words and phrases come from is an important part of understanding how racism and … read more »

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‘Super gonorrhea’ may go global, become untreatable

Last year’s emergence of so-called “super gonorrhea” in Leeds hasn’t ended in the UK city. The STD is now popping up in new British cities including London, and doctors are worried it may spread faster just as it becomes untreatable. … read more »

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What The Queen Refuses to Eat

Queen Elizabeth knows what she likes. She only wears one nail polish shade, always carries the same purse, and famously adores a particular dog breed (corgis, of course). So it’s no surprise that she’s also a stickler when it comes to the … read more »

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