HH will not accept defeat because he acts like he’s already head of state – Nawakwi

Hakainde Hichilema

Hakainde Hichilema

EDITH Nawakwi says UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema will not accept defeat when he loses the August 11 elections because he acts like he is already head of state.

And Nawakwi says those flocking to UPND just want to eat Hichilema’s money.

In an interview, Nawakwi, who is FDD leader, charged that it would be difficult for Hichilema to concede defeat.

“In a democracy, you win only when the vote is counted and it is this euphoria which creates post-election problems because if you convince your people that you have already won, when you finally lose, you cannot accept and it is a challenge. In a race, even Usain Bolt goes there to compete knowing he can lose. Yes you will train, you will do your best but a loss, the worst case scenario must also be planned [for]. What if [I lost]? And it is that maturity in politics which creates post-election peace,” Nawakwi, who has lost general elections several times, said.

“But what we see now, the way people conduct themselves, it is like they are already in government, they have won. I personally, as a person who has been on the political scene for almost 25 years now, I get extremely worried because the way you psych your followers is very important. Tell your followers that you want to win. Work hard, but the opposite of win is lose and if you say ‘me I am a winner’ and you are running and you tumble in the way, when others have overtaken you, even when you have fallen half way through the tracks, you will still be crying that you have won. You get your followers to start telling people around the track that ‘our leader, our runner, our Usain Bolt must have been the one who came first’. But you tumbled on the way. A lot of things happen.”

She said her party was prepared for whatever outcome of the election.

“No one goes in to lose but you must always understand that on the tracks, there are winners and losers and for us, we are training to be the best. And how do we train to be the best? We are talking about what affects people. How do we get this country out of poverty? We are concentrating on agriculture and we are discussing ideas. I don’t pay much attention to these movements which people are concentrating on. We are concentrating on the ground movement.”

And Nawakwi said those flocking to the UPND were only after Hichilema’s money.

“People are flocking to the UPND because they think that they will be appointed as campaign managers and my brother [Hichilema] will be dishing out bags of money to them. He has been in this particular position where people just flock to him and he trusted them, he gave them resources, money and they took off. It just became a non-starter. So I see this euphoric movement of people from one party to another as merely an attempt for people to preserve their political relevance,” she said.

Nawakwi insisted that political alliances and endorsements were not what Zambians needed at the moment.

“What I want to see from now on is a concerted effort to discuss how we get out of our problems. These so-called alliances, where have they worked? Lately here, we had this Orange Alliance, it has been aborted before it is even born. How far can I educate my political friends in the political arena that alliances which are not founded on principle and common agenda are bound to die before they are even conceived? When we proposed in the draft constitution that we are going to have 50 per cent plus one, it was never the intention of the people of Zambia to reduce this country to a two-party state. The intention was that we needed to have a majoritarian president but if you reduce us to two parties, we will only have two parties in the House and that was not the intention,” she said.

Nawakwi wished politicians who are positioning themselves and defecting from one party to another could prioritise finding solutions for the Zambian people.

“It is very important for people to realise that at this point in time, people want real solutions to their problems; the problems that we have now are about poverty, hunger and deprivation in a government which has no direction. The people who are flocking from one party to another, from the PF to another party such as the UPND are leaders who are running away from the internal problems within their parties,” said Nawakwi.

“They have realised that they have sunk the Titanic and they are trying to take life boats to sail to a seemingly safe place. Unfortunately, this safe place is an island, beyond the island, it is thousands of nautical miles to traverse and we can’t get to safe land using a dingy boat. You know, I look at some of these colleagues and say to myself, one, they have no experience, they were brought into PF, some given positions and they couldn’t perform. Now it is this euphoria where they think that the only place where they can get jobs and continue to have political relevance is the UPND. I want to hear, instead of repeated pronouncements of endorsements, I want to hear from our sister political parties, programmes on how we as a country can get ourselves out of the economic quagmire which this Titanic has sunk us to,” said Nawakwi.



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