The ministry of Home Affairs has said people applying for dual citizenship will not immediately be granted their request.

Spokesperson Moses Suwali said following the amendment so the Constitution , there was need to first make changes to the Citizenship Act to enable it encompass Dual Citizenship and that the Ministry of Home Affairs has since introduced a team to look into that.

” People are free to apply tor Dual Citizenship but even if they apply today they will not be issued with  that until such a time  when certain portions are amended from single citizenship to Dual Citizenship so that it provides us with clear guidelines on how we should proceed.

A Team under the Ministry of Home Affairs has been constituted to make amendments to the current Citizenship Act so that it is in line with the amendment Constitution Bill which was recently launched by the President,’’ he said.

He said former Zambians who had acquired citizenship of other countries have started applying but he could not immediately mention how many had done so to date.

President Edgar Lungu last month assented to the Constitution Amendment Bill which resulted in the inclusion of the Dual Citizenship clause among several others.

The amended Constitution states that a citizen shall not lose citizenship by acquiring the citizenship of another country.

It further states that a citizen who ceased to be one before their commencement of the Constitution  as a result of accepting the citizenship of another country would be entitled to apply as prescribed to the Citizenship Board of Zambia for citizenship and the board would bestow citizenship of that person.


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  2. Jack says:

    Would someone be kind enough to summarise the procedure for applying for dial citizenship? It woukd be greatly appreciated!

    • Graeme says:

      If you are born in Zambia with a parent that is a Zambian then you qualify for Zambian citizenship.Basically all it is if you are a citizen of another country you can now legally hold a Zambian passport and passport of another country.
      In the past legally you could not hold two passports(duel citizenship) you had to give up Zambian citizenship.
      If married to a Zambian you will fist have to get spouse visa and live there for 5 years before can obtain Zambian passport .
      As always do your own research as this is how I understand it

      • Cleo says:

        Please answer the question asked. The question is about the procedure, not what dual nationality means…he PROCEDURE, PROCESS, HOW TO DO….We hope this is clear. There is a lack of information about it. PROCEDURE, THE HOW TO DO IT….get it! 🙂

  3. Nunda says:

    What some countries do is to anticipate the signing of the bill into law considering the already popular backing it had at all stages.
    A preparatory committee would then have had a skeleton instrument which within a week of the president assenting into law would have been implemented.
    Now we shall see workshop after workshop in Siavonga.
    What is there to research anyway apart from twinkling with the current residency application and set up a fee?

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