Prince Harry Paternity Scandal: Reportedly, Lady Di’s Hocked Love Letters Say Son Is Love Child, Prince Charles Not The Father



A Prince Harry paternity scandal is, well, jaw-dropping, to say the least. The latest rumor about the redheaded — and the bearded — royal bachelor is that he is not the son of Prince Charles.

According to a tabloid report, the late Princess Diana’s longtime romantic interest, James Hewitt, was busted in the act of selling eight private love letters from Lady Di. Reportedly, the intimate handwritten notes involve her struggles and feelings of being held captive in a marriage to Charles during their marital crisis.

Diana’s ex is described as being “cash-strapped,” and used the letters to collect a bounty of cash. Sources say the Royal Family fears the information contained in the letters about Prince Harry’s paternity may embarrass Buckingham Palace and the British monarchy.
The Enquirer claims Hewitt had 60 or so private messages from Harry’s mother. One insider reported the letters as “innocent schoolgirl love notes.” However, another said the inscriptions “read like a bodice-ripping romance novel.”

Reportedly, the personal notes for James were sent to him in 1991 during his assignment as a tank commander in the Gulf War. The main bombshell from the princess is that Harry is Hewitt’s son; Charles is not the biological father. But it gets better — or worse — depending on your perception.

Insiders say the notes also show Diana’s frightening belief that Charles “Will Kill” her should he learn about Harry’s true paternity. There is also mention of her “hatred” for Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall (formerly Parker Bowles), whom Di caught in bed with her husband performing “kinky sex games.”

As if things couldn’t get any worse about this story about Harry, there’s more. Apparently, Hewitt has more of Di’s private letters hidden away that may make the latest gossip pale in comparison, according to an informant.
“But he’s not keeping Diana’s dignity intact out of any sense of chivalry. I believe there’s a chance some revelations could get him killed!

“The biggest bombshell is Diana admitting, ‘Yes, it’s true. [Prince] Harry is your son.’

“It’s clear they had already talked about the possibility — and from the note, the Princess seems happy James is her younger son’s father.”
To some, the lingering issues over Harry’s paternity are nothing new. For years, blogs and tabloids have raised the issue about the prince’s real dad. Arguably, he favors Hewitt (red hair, prominent jaw, and elongated face), and has no resemblance to Charles.
Reportedly, the first batches of steamy letters, which also include stories about Diana’s love of sexual relations with James and her disdain for Camilla, are up for auction. Experts believe they may attract bids up to $150,000.

It’s unclear if the paternity story about Prince Harry is on the level, but one source supposedly had this to say about the latest developments:

“Diana must be rolling in her grave.”

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