President Lungu caution Zambians in the Diaspora

Zambians living abroad should be cautious when commenting on national matters on social media, President Lungu says.
Mr Lungu urged Zambians in the diaspora to avoid commenting on the Internet or getting information on social media on matters of national importance that they did not fully understand.
Times of Zambia staffer Rebecca Mushota reports from Luanda that President Lungu met Zambians living in Angola on Friday evening.
During the meeting he said that Zambians living abroad should avoid taking to social media on matters they did not fully understand.
“Some Zambians have not read the Draft Constitution but they want it like yesterday. The road map is definitely there but I cannot speak on the issue because I am a President,” he said.
He said Zambians in the diaspora should not concentrate on the negative things that were being said on social media but find ways of investing in Zambia.
Mr Lungu said Zambians should take advantage of the warm relations between Zambia and Angola and boost trade.
He said it was not good for Zambians to be destitutes once they returned home and therefore people living out of the country should find ways of investing in Zambia. – TIMES OF ZAMBIA.

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One response to “President Lungu caution Zambians in the Diaspora”

  1. Nkhokwe says:

    sure, if government PAVES way for Zambians in the diaspora, they will FIND it. On the other hand, if government is silent and doesn’t provide accurate and timely information, social media will be full of speculation Mr. President.

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