Lusaka’s Bauleni dies in hospital queue

A 25-year-old man of Lusaka’s Bauleni compound on Tuesday afternoon died in a queue while waiting to be attended to by nurses at Chilenje Clinic.

Joseph Phiri, who went to the clinic with his two other siblings, died before he could be attended to by nurses who insisted on him following the queue.

According to the deceased’s brother, Godwin, they went to the clinic around 07:00 hours where they found a long queue.

Godwin said initially, they went to Bauleni clinic but found a long queue and they decided to go to Chilenje Clinic where they found the same situation.

“When we arrived at Chilenje Clinic, his (Joseph’s) condition changed. We asked the nurses to attend to him but they said they were following the queue. After two hours, around 10:00 hours, the boy passed away but they (nurses) said that he had just fainted,” he narrated.

Godwin said the nurses then rushed to attend to his brother and tried to administer some intravenous fluid to try and resuscitate him but that it was too late.

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