She’d turn me down

She’d turn me down(I)
I looked at her with a straight face
My heart started to race
My speech was cursed
She’d turn me down

I have such a strong feeling I’d draw her in.
Am I winning?
My inert cowardly behaviour
My tasteless verbal flavour
She’d turn me down

Her sweet fragrance fills the atmosphere
She’s a love out of my sphere
The fear of rejection
Leaves me in another hemisphere
Whither this ship I steer?
She’d turn me down.

Am done with pretence
Done with putting my emotions on defence
She is a jaw dropper
A wonder
What words befit such a stunner?

She’d turn me down.
Sometimes I think myself:
An omission in her hearts staircase of oblivion.
She’d be full of life: gratified
Her smile a world satisfied
She’d turn me down

Then in the dead of night,
An emotional fight
Feeling of distress and despair
The thought we could be a pair
She’d turn me down.


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