Chiefs demand boundary maps to avoid conflicts

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TRADITIONAL leaders have asked Government to provide them with maps that will clearly show the boundaries of their chiefdoms to avoid conflicts.
Chief Phikamalaza of the Ngoni people has expressed worry at the rising boundary disputes with neighbouring chiefdoms.
He said during human rights sensitisation meetings that some of his subjects were being evicted from land that had been passed on to them through generations.
This is contained in a statement by HRC chief of information, training and education, Samuel Kasankha.
The chief told the Human Rights Commission (HRC) that his subjects had lost land through a court which ruled that they had encroached on a businessperson’s piece of land.
The businessperson is said to have bought the land from a neigbouring chief.
“I have appealed the court ruling on behalf of my subjects but the best solution would be for Government to very quickly provide us with maps so that we can put an end to these disputes,” he said.
Chief Phikamalaza said there would be more of such conflicts because of the massive commercialisation of traditional land.
He said he was against the indiscriminate sale of traditional land because the local people depended on it for their livelihood and were the ones who would suffer in the long run.
Similar calls were made by Senior Chief Mwase of the Chewa people and by the secretary general of the Mphamba Royal Establishment of the Tumbuka.
They also expressed worry at the increasing number of succession disputes which they said Government should help end.
They called on HRC to speak for them in order to bring back sanity to traditional leadership.

Source: Times of Zambia

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