British Airways cancel flights to Lusaka but increases Accra route

British Airways Plc

British Airways Plc

British Airways will suspend flights from Heathrow to Lusaka in Zambia from the start of its winter schedule on October 27.

The airline currently flies on the route three times per week with outbound flights on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday but these services are being cancelled because they do not make a profit.

“The flights are being suspended because they don’t make a profitable contribution to our business,” said BA in a statement. “We are always reviewing our route network to ensure it is in line with the needs of our customers.”

BA will instead add three extra flights from Heathrow to Accra in Ghana from October 27. This follows Virgin Atlantic’s decision to drop the route from later this month.

The airline is also to add an extra weekly flight from Heathrow to Entebbe in Uganda – this will take services up from three to four per week from the start of the summer 2014 schedule in March.

In another move, BA will reduce weekly services from Heathrow to Johannesburg from 17 to 14 per week for summer 2014. The airline is planning to use one of its new A380 superjumbos on the route from February.

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13 responses to “British Airways cancel flights to Lusaka but increases Accra route”

  1. It’s in fact very difficult in this busy life to listen news on TV, so I simply use
    the web for that reason, and get the latest information.

  2. […] there’s no evidence of Zambia having a ‘boom’ in 2013. To the contrary, British Airways stoped flying to Zambia in the same ‘miraculous’ year because it wasn’t making profits. (I’m […]

  3. lengani mwinga says:

    bring Dual citizenship in and British airways will find profit in the route. Really sad i hope maybe Virgin take up the route seeing as they have dropped Accra. To be fair Virgin has a better service. Flew KLM the other week and it was heaving with passengers so much so that they had over booked and had to leave a good 20 people at Amsterdam. Oh well KLM, Emirates, Kenya airways, SA and Ethiopia it is then. First Dibs on KLM followed by Kenya and then Emirates for ease of travel.

  4. D1 says:

    I’m shocked that BA have completely axed Lusaka. In the 90’s they combined Lusaka & Harare and Lusaka Gaberone before that so cant understand why they would completely stop flights to Lusaka. I have never been on an empty BA flight from Lusaka or to it, and I’ve been on many, even during the days of Zambia Airways
    . As another commentator said I also feel there is something more to this than profits. Someone has pissed someone off, somewhere and we are not getting the full story.

  5. George jere says:

    The move by British airways to suspend flights is not surprising going by recent events.Emirates , a government owned airline has come in strongly with cutthroat prices. And not forgetting the Zambian government intention of setting up an Ill-advised national airline to add to the woes.
    The future of air travel is bleak in our country..With the departure of BA a good number of tourists will also shift travel plans.Trust is the name of the game when it comes to air travel .New airlines with a “dodgy past” have no chance of entering the market…

  6. William says:

    BA claims that “We are always reviewing our route network to ensure it is in line with the needs of our customers.” So we are supposed to conclude that cancelling a route is somehow something that its customers want? That the planes have been flying empty?

  7. Austrian says:

    let them go for good. they’ve been an as* h*le for a while. we’ll go there through Nairobi or adis.

  8. Sichone says:

    Why suspend all flights,once a week could be economical,someone get to the route cause of this.

  9. Timmy says:

    This will have an effect on People travelling to Zambia. The quickest route in my experience is the BA flight from London to Lusaka.

  10. ZOZI-A-ZOZI says:

    It appears we may have to resort to traveling by Sea to Zambia like in the olden days, we do not have much choice in the matter being spectators in the market.

    BA enjoyed the fruits of London-Lusaka-London route since Zambia Airway’s closure in 1994, in fact when Zambia Airways was alive BA only had 2 flights per week on this sector, they increased to 3 flights when QZ went under, taking Zambia Airways market share as well. They milked the cash cow, now it is time to look for greener pastures in Accra and Entebbe, dump the unprofitable route to Lusaka. Otherwise they have served us well in the last 19 years given the fact we did not have our own direct flight on this route from Zambia.

    It will be quite strange not to have a direct flight between London and Lusaka, because even at Independence there was a direct service on this route, the days of British Overseas Airways Corporation (BOAC). Also considering that Flight Freedom Rights may not permit a non-Indegenous British Airline to fly directly from London to Lusaka, implications are that even cargo on this sector , South Bound and North Bound has to be re-routed via some intermediary point.

    Quite a challenge!

  11. Fwaka says:

    Objective indicator of business activity! Zambia has lost the momentum from the economic activity left by RB, the current incompetent lot have really failed that country. Ghana on the other hand is booming.

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