Magistrate locks up Police Chief inspector

Zambia Police Chief Inspector Nebert Chellamaumba was today locked up in court cells by Magistrate Chola Musonda for failing to carry out a court order to issue murder suspect Mazabuka Member of Parliament (MP) Gary Nkombo with a medical report within 48 hours as ordered by the court last Friday.

This was when the case for Hon Gary Nkombo, who is charged with murder contrary to section 200 of the Penal Code chapter 87 of the Laws of Zambia, came up for hearing.

Last week, the defence complained that their client , Hon Garry Nkombo, was unwell after he was allegedly assaulted by Western Province Minister Obvious Mwaliteta. This prompted Magistrate Musonda to directe the station officer in charge to issue Mr Nkombo with a medical report within 48 hours.

Today, Magistrate Musonda asked Nkombo if the police had given him a medical report following a court order last Friday but the Mazabuka lawmaker said he was not given.

This prompted magistrate Musonda to summon the criminal investigations officer but the court was told that the officer was out of station and Inspector Chellamaumba came to court to represent the police.

At this point, magistrate Musonda said he expected police officers to take court orders seriously.

“I have found that you disobeyed the court order. It is not the intention of the court to punish police officers but if you neglect your duty to implement court orders, this honourable court will not be shy to punish you,” Magistrate Musonda said after which Inspector Chellamaumba was led to court cells.

Magistrate Musonda has since directed Livingstone district prosecutions officer Jonathan Chenda, who was present in court, to immediately facilitate the medical report for Nkombo to receive medical attention.

However, Southern province Commissioner of Police Charity Katanga defended the Police saying that there was no written court order for the police to issue Nkombo with a medical report.

“We only learn’t of the magistrate’s directive through the media and there was no written court order as was done in one instance in Lusaka where a magistrate gave an instruction in court and followed it up with a written court order to the police,” she said.


  1. bupe

    Its strange how gary nkombo is being potrayed as a victim despite being found with machetes, this is unbecoming of a law man. The opposition is not serving a useful purpose in zambia, the bitterness is so palpable, I fear for Zambia. As for this hot shot magistrate, he should also be locked up for being negligent, give the police a written court order and not innuendos and media reports

  2. Fwaka

    Opposition parties, world over, not only in Africa have to show that they are an alternative government.
    If you fail to understand such basics in democracy, my recommendation is; please read up on your civics before making ignorant comments.

  3. hanif

    Why is it that in Africa, opposition politicians claim to think that they are the best of leaders, that they claim they are Gods gift to Mankind? Why cant they learn to work for the better ment of the people they so wish to represent…People dont want oppressors, dictators, demogues as leaders in this country. Going to polls is costing Zambia a lot of money.

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