Namugala accuses Dr Mumba of selfishness

Catherine Namugala

Catherine Namugala

Expelled Mafinga MMD MP Catherine Namugala has revealed that Dr. Nevers Mumba has allegedly started asking MMD MP’s to increase their monthly contributions to the party in order to support his flamboyant lifestyle.

Mrs. Namugala told a media briefing in Lusaka yesterday that the move was selfish especially that most MP’s have to finance their constituency programmes using personal funds and are also fighting expensive election petitions.

“This man’s lifestyle is very expensive and he is now asking MP’s to start contributing K3.5 million to the party so that he can continue living flamboyantly.”

Mrs Namugala also called on party members to demand for a fresh convention before the former ruling party goes into extinction.

She said that the dismal performance of the MMD in the just ended Mpongwe bye election is confirmation that the party is doomed under the leadership of Dr. Nevers Mumba.

“This is hard for us MMD members to accept that our party which has just been out of power for a year and half can come out number three in the Mpongwe, a seat it won by a landslide in the general election,” she said.

She said in Luswishi ward election in Mpongwe, the MMD polled a pathetic six votes only three votes better than UNIP which received three votes.

“How can the mighty MMD even fail to field candidates in eleven ward bye elections?”
Mrs. Namugala said the Mpongwe results should serve as a wake up for MMD members to realize that their party is dying.

“Our party is dying and Mpongwe is a wakeup call,” she said.

When contacted to comment MMD president Dr. Nevers Mumba maintained that views expressed by expelled Mafinga MMD Member of Parliament Catherine Namugala’s splinter group does not represent the views of the party.

Reacting to scathing attacks from Ms. Namugala after suffering another humiliation electoral defeat in the Mpongwe parliamentary and other Local Government by elections, Dr. Mumba who was reluctant to respond to the attacks said it was wrong for journalists call the group a faction because they are not part of the MMD.

Dr. Mumba told ZANIS in an interview last evening that Ms. Namugala’s group was expelled from the party hence its views does not represent that of the party before referring the reporter to get a comment from newly appointed Communications Director in the Office of the party president, Muhabi Lungu.

And when contacted for a comment, MMD Communications Director in the Office of the party president and National Executive Committee (NEC) member, Muhabi Lungu said the party is focused on reorganizing its self.

He challenged Mrs. Namugala to officially join the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) instead of sowing seeds of discords within the party.

Mr. Lungu who is also immediate losing aspiring MMD Lusaka Central parliamentary candidate, dismissed assertions that the former ruling party was heading for political oblivion under Dr. Mumba’s leadership.

He justified the defections of some MMD parliamentarians and other members to the ruling PF saying it was difficult to gain back public confidence premised on the electoral pledges that the PF made to the voters.

Mr. Lungu explained that it was normal for a defeated ruling party to lose members to the PF following the ruling party’s vigorous campaign against the party prior to the elections.

He however pointed out that Dr. Mumba’s faction is working tirelessly in order to restore public confidence so that it can challenge the ruling party in future elections.

And on calls from the splinter group to hold a national convention, Mr. Lungu said the party has hold two national conventions within three years that ushered in the Rupiah Banda and later Dr. Mumba in office.

He added that the party would not succumb to the group’s demand and accused Ms. Namugala’s group of fighting Dr. Mumba and the MMD on behalf of the ruling PF party.

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