“THANK YOU ZAMBIA AUTHORITIES!!!!” – letter to the Editor

Dear Editor, I write from Italy.


“I write from Italy to thank the Ministry of Tourism, Zambia Tourism Board, Zambia Embassy in Rome, for the great help and their willingness to resolve my case of fraud devised by Mr. Clifford Zulu (Zambia Travel Centre TO – Lusaka) in August 2009.

Due to their continued support and caring, after 4 years everything has been resolved. These are the words I wanted to write, I wanted thanks Zambia Authorities, but unfortunately it is not. I must however thank Hon. Mr Nickson Chilangwa, the only person in Zambia who helped me actually to recover all the money unjustly stolen from Mr Clifford Zulu. This result was achieved thanks to help of Hon Mr. Nickson Chilangwa, with his financial commitment of all quote.

What saddened me was the complete lack of contact Authorities in Zambia (Zambia Tourism Board, Ministry of Tourism, Embassy of Italy in Lusaka, Zambian Embassy in Rome, etc..), that they thought the time would erase everything, deciding do not help me with their silence, very wrong their thought! Hon. Mr Chilangwa was to me in the past strongly criticized because has as a collaborator in its ZAMSAF TO, his travel agency, Mr Zulu, the fraudster, but it has proven much more willing to solve my unfortunate case.

I hope that my misadventure associated with other cases of fraud by tour operator local Zambia Authorities make people think, if you want to invest in tourism, serious and honest. Honestly, for me there will be another chance to visit your beautiful country, because at the moment I’m not convinced of the seriousness of the competent authorities of the tourism sector, and these four years have given me quite right. Good Luck Wonderful Zambia!!!!””

Best Regards, Mr Roberto Tartaglia

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