Mines Minister condemns dismissal of 11 senior managers at KCM

MINES, Energy and Water Development Minister Yamfwa Mukanga

MINES, Energy and Water Development Minister Yamfwa Mukanga

Mines, Energy and Water Development Minister Yamfwa Mukanga has condemned the dismissal of 11 senior managers at Konkola Copper Mines (KCM) in Chingola without giving them reasons.

Mr Mukanga said it was professionally wrong to dismiss an employee without giving reasons for termination of employment.

He said in an interview yesterday that all mining firms in the country should follow laid down labour laws and regulations regulating their operations when dismissing employees.

The minister said Government would not tolerate companies breaching the laws of the country and that the Patriotic Front (PF) administration was interested in generating more jobs for locals.

He urged the Ministry of Labour to establish what lead to the dismissal of the Zambian senior managers.

“The mining companies should follow the labour laws of the country and the Ministry of labour should take up the issue. We do not have a problem if the company wants to downsize its workforce but the laws should be strictly followed,” he said.

Mr Mukanga said that he would personally follow up the matter and would be in a position to give an informed response after three days.

He wondered why only Zambian managers and not expatriates were affected by the reported downsizing at KCM and who would occupy their positions.

Last week, KCM fired 11 Zambian senior managers in full time and pensionable employment.

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  1. Fwaka

    Firing people without giving a reason? Who has been doing a lion’s share of that type of thing in Zambia? definetly not these managers but can Mr Yamfwa challenge him to give his victims some reasons?

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