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Chibwe Masabo Henry

Mrs. Chibwe Masabo Henry – CEO Zambia Diaspora Development Network (ZDDN)

Associated British Foods, London-based multinational and owner of UK household brands like Silver Spoon and Kingsmill has been paying virtually no corporation tax in Zambia. Zambia has missed out on an estimated US$27 million in taxes since 2007. That’s enough for Zambia to put an extra 48,000 children in school, or help end hunger.

ActionAid researchers found evidence that Associated British Foods has used a range of loopholes to avoid paying taxes, shifting profits into tax havens and getting huge tax breaks. Associated British Foods are not breaking any laws and they are not unique. Tax avoidance tactics like this are standard practice.

Zambia Diaspora Development Network (ZDDN) strongly believes that this is scandalous. Industrial scale tax avoidance must end. Tax avoidance is not just victimless financial engineering. It is a travesty of justice to dodge tax in a country where 45% of the children are malnourished and two thirds of the population live on less than $2 a day. We must all act now to stop this injustice.

Please join campaigners in the UK and Zambia today and demand Associated British Foods pays its fair share. Take action at

For more information, you can find ActionAid’s full report on tax avoidance by Associated British Foods at

Zambia Diaspora Development Network (ZDDN) is part of the Enough Food For Everyone IF campaign which aims to tackle global hunger by calling on governments to close tax loopholes which enable corporates to avoid paying their fair share of tax. Please sign up at

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2 responses to “Zambia Sugar – Associated British Foods Must Stop Tax Dodging in Zambia – ZDDN”

  1. AK says:

    Resonata, it seems to me that, you have not read the report, the issue of capital allowances does not come in here. These companies are getting capital allowances which is right for them to do so. However,avoiding paying tax but using other complex transactions like in the case of Zambia sugar is unfair. So please before you comment read the report.

    Do you think any of the big companies avoiding paying tax will come up and say ..oo yes we sorry for what we did NO!. That’s why you and I should voice out to make them know that we are watching.

  2. Resonata says:

    Cheap stuff.understand what capital allowances mean. Worldwide a company only pays tax after they have recovered the amount they have invested in assets.
    Sensational accusations won’t help Africa.

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