The Book – Re-Writing My Life by Abraham Bweupe


I was born from a young couple who were enjoying a shot at life in their mid twenties. I may not be advantaged to know the exact status of their relationship but I am positive that they were happy then, as I was the third child being delivered in that house and definitely not the last. There are a lot of things I cannot explain by myself, like how come I was the third but first son born between my parents, and how come I had to be the most controversial child in the house?

Through the years lived though not many, I have been privileged to have travelled around across poor and rich societies. I have also been privileged to have lived both sides of the economic coin. In short I have lived life. No one educated or not, learned or not, travelled or not, can convince me to tread on grounds I do not personally believe are safe to traverse. Reading on the Toltec Warrior a book by Carlos Costaneda, Journey to Ixtlan, I embraced the life of a warrior and I have since lived like one.

I approach life as it is. I take a day at a time. Like a warrior on the battle field, so have I faced life. A warrior’s attributes are; Strength, agility, adaptability, stamina, resilience, acuity, restraint, stealth, cunning, and compassion. The defects which I have struggled to guard against like a warrior are the same. I have discovered that reliance on that which seductively promises success causes fixity of mind and body, and fixity is the easy way to a warrior’s death.

I therefore endeavour to be powerful without strength, then grow in potential; Adhere to normal movements but still dance with adversity; Being steadfast and focused, then carry sameness through change; Follow natural rhythm to stillness and rest but extend longevity; Avoid hunger for information, then let emptiness sharpen the senses; Appreciate excess but not too much; Walk openly and speak plainly, knowing that even the truth deceives; Be naïve and trusting, but also a great solver of problems; Forget virtue then do what is right.

To live life like a warrior is to accept death and failure. I have learned to practice both moments by moment, so that moments may continue. A persistent volatility is the way of life, and my purpose has been to serve life by living, and by fostering the living. In life like in any other endeavour, common sense dictates a “win by any means” approach. Yet throughout history the greatest achievers have always held themselves to codes of honour. Stepping over the line has far reaching consequences as I have learned through past experiences.

By setting standards of behavior for myself, accepting certain restraints, and even “honouring my adversaries,” I have created a lifeline that has allowed me to pull myself out of the hell of life and reintegrated myself into society having seen my peace repeatedly restored.

Looking into my past, I see the mistakes and the triumphs made. I consider it the perfect life one can dream of; it is reality, it is factual, it has been lived and perfect solutions to difficult situations can be found. I read somewhere that; “If life gives us rocks, it’s our choice whether to build a bridge or a wall,” Where I end up is not as important as the route I take. Success is not only determined by the end product, it can also be reflected by the positive impact it has had on the lives affected by the trip.

Adventurous I have been, and every time I hold my pen to write, another moment in my past life approaches my mind as a lesson I have lived in order to learn and it is my hope that everyone who sets eyes on this book will have a story of their own to tell. Please enjoy!

Abraham Mande Bweupe.

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