Maiko Zulu is an embarrassment to musicians in Zambia

Permanent Secretary Amos Malupenga

Permanent Secretary Amos Malupenga

Information and Broadcasting Permanent Secretary Amos Malupenga has labeled Zambia Association of Musicians President Maiko Zulu an embarrassment to musicians in the country.

Mr. Malupenga said Zulu previously known as St Maiko is always quick to criticize government’s commitment to fighting piracy without getting basic understanding of what government was doing about curbing piracy.

“The Rastafarian always wants to attack government that we are killing the musicians but what is disappointing is that Maiko doesn’t know what the government had been working on all this time,” Mr. Malupenga said.

Mr Malupenga was speaking in Lusaka Wednesday morning during a media breakfast meeting held to announce the arrival of a Hologramme to be used in the fight against audio video piracy.

A hologram is a security feature which will be affixed on audio-visual works as a measure to curb piracy in the country.

Government recently engaged OpSec, a UK-based global company specialized in providing anti-counterfeiting and brand protection solutions to supply hologram to Zambia which has now finished its designs.

“It is disappointing that we had invited Maiko to be part of this breakfast in his capacity as President of all Musicians in Zambia but the man declined. I believe that if he had attended this meeting, he would have been in a better position to appreciate what the government is doing to fight piracy in Zambia.”

He said, “The Ministry of Information does not need St Michael, its St Michael who needs the Ministry. He has been exhibiting a lot of frustration and ignorance on this matter and yet he is the one who is supposed to be the one speaking on behalf of Musicians in this country.”

“It is sad that the President of Musicians is the most ignorant on matters of music piracy,” he said.
Mr. Malupenga said the coming in of a Hologramme will to result in a drastic reduction in pirated goods on the Zambian market.

But when reached for a comment, Maiko said he declined to attend the media breakfast because of short notice.
He also said musicians in Zambia wanted to be consulted in the designing of the Hologramme and not just to be informed about it.

Maiko Zulu

Maiko Zulu

Maiko Zulu response on Facebook wrote:
Ministry of Information PS must realize that we have come this way without help of any Government and if he thinks Government will run without the governed, then he needs to re-think his role in leadership and government. You call me at 07:36 to come to an
event which started at 7:30 and expect me to fly in the morning rush hour? C’mon guys… Bushe ndine mfwiti yamene imbululuka? Government belongs to the people. So if you asked people to invite us then blame your personel for incompetence. Perhaps that
very incompetence has caused things to drag in the Intelllectual Property unit of that Ministry.

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