Best News in 6 Years

By Mwizenge S. Tembo

What may be the best heart-warming news of the Holiday Season, the Coming New Year, and the last 6 years: The Nkhanga Village Library was officially opened on December 8, 2012. The Lundazi District Commissioner, Ms. Janet Mvula, who was the Guest of Honor and the top Zambian Government Official who represents the Office of the President of Zambia gave the opening speech under a canopy or shade of large mango trees. Accompanied by at least a dozen other top leaders in the district, she cut the ribbon in front of the library door amidst cheers from the large crowd. She and the top officials were immediately given a guided tour of the library. The library has 3,798 (Three Thousand Seven Hundred and ninety-eight). It had a capacity for another 6,000 books.

Some of the top officials included Senior Chief Magodi’s Induna or representative, Lundazi District Councilor, District Education Board (DEBS) officials, Zambia Information Services (ZIS) national newswire reporters, Radio Chikaya Lundazi district radio station reporters, and over 20 headmen from surrounding villages. The festivities lasted most of the day into the evening. This story is so massive and my wife and I are just getting over jet lag as we flew back on Sunday afternoon December 23rd.

It will take not days but weeks if not months to piece together the numerous photos, video tapes, and narratives of so many both memorable and inspiring stories just of the great day of the opening celebration. We should all congratulate ourselves, feel proud and celebrate both here in the communities in the United States and among the people of the Nkhanga community in Zambia for being patient, and for all our sacrifices in order to achieve what at times seemed impossible. I hope you had a good Christmas or holiday season and I wish all of you the best in the coming New Year. Please share this good news with as many relatives, friends and people as you can. [My most favorite photo is of the little girl seated in front of the crowd. I am already wondering she has the front row when this thing they call the “Nkhanga library” is opening. I wonder how it will affect her life 20 years from now.]

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