Petersen Sets Choma’s Chobro Masaka Ablaze with his Job 13:13 album

By Hope Mkunte

Petersen’s Zamtel and Muvi TV sponsored Job 13:13 album tours had an exciting stop in Choma where the star delivered an outstanding performance on the 12th October 2012 at Chobro Masaka. The show started at 21:30 with Tiye P opening the floor with some of his latest songs. Three songs into the rapper’s set, fans started walking to the stage demanding for Petersen to perform.

Real name Mukubesa Mundia, Petersen, graced the stage at exactly 22:00 to a standing ovation as he began his show singing his verse from Macky 2’s ‘Ndimupondo’ remix, a song where he features. He was joined by his young brother Karasa, who performed his hit song ‘Do Me’.

To the crowd’s delight, Petersen started his set with ‘Munyaule’ followed by ‘Love Yapa Phone’, ‘Sayopa Doyo’, ‘Promise’, ‘Rain Season’ and the fan favorite ‘Oh No’.

The Zaga Lyf Army band, wearing matching faded blue jeans and guitar emblazoned white t-shirts, slowed down the tempo for Petersen to deliver ‘Job 13:13’, ‘Bvuto La Fwaka’ and ‘Musiye Atopinge’. It was at this point that Petersen apologized to the crowd for leaving out Choma on his previous tours.

“I promise to put Choma on my show calendar every time I go on tour. I thank each and every one of you who has come to watch me perform”.

He picked up the tempo again with ‘Bombay Style’ and on the crowd’s request performed ‘Stoga’,a song that had them singing along to every word. One of the show’s highlights was when Petersen untied his dreadlocks to perform ‘Mwe Lesa’. Watching him sing and skank to the gospel reggae song one would mistake him for Bob Marley.

Later on he was joined by Shyman, who cracked a joke telling the crowd to forgive him for coming late because the train he was on had a flat tire. The Fendela Fenduze star performed his hit song ‘Chosa Nsapato’. Petersen then gave each of the Zaga Lyf Army band members to show their respective skills. The lead guitarist stole the show making Petersen to ask him to play again while the crowd cheered on.

The crowd started shouting ‘Makwebo’! But Petersen was saving the best for the last as he ignored their request and performed ‘Munyaule Continuasly’,’Ma Offals’ ,’Indicator’ ‘Nilabeko’,’Anyandule’,’Ndalama’ and the Shadia Zaher assisted ‘Oxygen’.


Around 02:30 Petersen took a break and came back to Perform ‘Makwebo Mu Church’ sending show goers wild with excitement to a point where some of them started spraying beer in the air. The show’s climax is when, after performing the song three times, he asked the Zaga Lyf Army Band to turn the music down and let the crowd sing the song from start to finish while he listened and walked around the stage cheering them on.

Petersen closed the show at about 03 am saying that he had another show in Livingstone at Fairmount Hotel so he and the band had to rest. As a farewell, he performed ‘Uli kapili pili’ and the Ben Blazer produced ‘Iwe Naine’ with Shyman.

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