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Media prodded on Draft Constitution

A LEGAL practitioner Ernest Mwansa has urged the media in Zambia to educate the public on contents of the draft constitution for people to make informed decisions in their submissions. Mr Mwansa, who is a member of the Technical Committee, drafting … read more »

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Ndola DC to woo more investors

CONSULTATIONS are underway to attract local and foreign investors to exploit the economic potential in Ndola in farming and manufacturing sectors. Ndola District Commissioner, Dorothy Nachilongo said her office was eager to implement its marketing strategy aimed at encouraging interested … read more »

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Shot in the arm for Meheba farmers

THE United States of America (US) government has given Mumbezhi Cooperative Society more than K100 million for the expansion and boosting of farming activities at Meheba Refugee Camp. The K109, 365, 200 grant would be through the procurement of small-scale … read more »

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Trade facilitation agency key – Simumba

AN international business consultant has said Government should establish a trade facilitation agency that will specifically look at issues of reforms and simplifying trade procedures  for Zambia to fully benefit from regional integration. Trevor Simumba said the Ministry of Commerce, … read more »

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Pumpkin Soup (Umuto wa fipushi)

Serve 6 INGREDIENTS                                                                                           COOKING UTENSILS 1 kg pumpkin                                                                                                     1 saucepan 350ml fresh milk                                                                                               1 knife 10 g brown sugar                                                                                           1 cooking stick 1 litre chicken stock                                                                                         1 wooden spoon 5kg garnishes                                                                                                     1 bowl Salt                                                                                                                         1 chopping board Water METHOD 1. … read more »

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Technical Committee on course with district conventions-Kabanda

The technical committee drafting the country’s constitution says it is on track with plans for the district and provincial conventions. Committee spokesperson Simon Kabanda says the committee is currently training facilitators, who will later be in charge of selecting delegates … read more »

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Coffin On Doorsteps Attracts Multitude in Kabwe

SCORES of people in Kabwe’s Highridge area in the early hours of yesterday thronged the house of a Zambia Railways employee to view a small coffin that was discovered at the doorsteps of a house on Chilubi Island Street. The … read more »

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Q&A with Zambian economist Dambisa Moyo

Q: How long did you research and report your book? A: It took me about three years. I did probably 80 interviews with hedge funds, policy makers. Of those, probably 30 interviews were with Chinese officials. I spend about 80 … read more »

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Kupa nkwaanzika (Ci-Tonga)

Literal translation: To give is to hang (hang clothes) Contextual Interpretation: Those who give freely, more is given to them in return. You will always be compensated in one way or another for your generosity. Giving is investing.

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