FAWEZA welcomes phasing out of bursary scheme at tertiary level

THE Forum for African Women Educationalists of Zambia (FAWEZA) has hailed Government’s decision to phase out the students’ bursary scheme at tertiary level of education, replacing it with provisional loan schemes.
FAWEZA says the introduction of the student loan scheme is a progressive move because it will benefit the most disadvantaged students in the country.
National coordinator Daphne Chimuka said: “The current bursary scheme is abused by scholars from well-to-do families who can afford tuition fees”.
Minister of Education John Phiri announced recently that Government will soon phase-out the bursary scheme for higher learning institutions because of serious flaws in the way the current scheme is being administered.
Dr Phiri said the students’ provisional loan scheme will compel beneficiaries to pay back after completion of their tertiary education.
He said the current bursary system does not meet the expectations of the general public and also deprives vulnerable students in dire need of scholarships.
And according to a statement by the Ministry of Education this week, in-coming first year students at the University of Zambia (UNZA) who applied for bursaries have been offered provisional students’ loans.
Ms Chimuka said there is likely to be a reduction of applicants, especially by children from well-to-do families, because of the requirement for scholars to repay the loans when they graduate.
“This is progressive because the poor will be given an opportunity to access tertiary education and get their families out of poverty,” she said.
Mrs Chimuka urged Government to come up with suitable tracking systems to ensure that beneficiaries of the loans are able to pay back.
“Government must instill in the beneficiaries a sense of responsibility that would compel them pay back the loans once they complete their tertiary education. The danger is that if they do not pay back, other students in similar circumstances would not benefit,” Ms Chimuka said. / Daily Mail


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42 responses to “FAWEZA welcomes phasing out of bursary scheme at tertiary level”

  1. Blessings says:

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  2. prince chiona says:

    Am kindly requesting for the scholarship for my sister was accepted at Evelyn Hone College to do Environmental Health

  3. Lipema beauty says:

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  4. Yvette siamwiinde says:

    Afternoon, my names are Yvette Siamwiinde from Mazabuka Zambia, I am 21years can I apply for sponsorship.

  5. Ackim mandala says:

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  7. Dorothy Mfwaya says:

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    • Maxson says:

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  10. Lameck says:

    Do you also assist males?

  11. Naomi Mwape says:

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    I have been admitted at chalimbana university but my parent cannot fford paying the fees thats how i have missed the admission. And now i have been given another admission at Kasama College Of Education. Am appealing to you as the management so that you can help me with the fees i stay with my widow mother am on your knees. Am a boy aged 21 years. My contact line is +260971162900.

  13. Blessings Simwinga says:

    My name is Florence simwinga , I am 18 years old , I completed school at nakambala private school in 2014…but before I completed I fell pregnant and was asked to drop out of school 4 months prior to my exams and was only asked to come back for my exams in October.. I wrote my exams and obtained 17 points best 6 and 11 points in my best 5…after I delivered I later applied to study degree nursing at Lusaka apex medical university and I was addmitted in 2016 January , I did my first semester but I have been forced to withdraw from school with permission because I can not pay my school fees…my mother is a primary school teacher and my father is a retired secondary school teacher , I ask that FAWEZA assists me pay my school fees so that I can continue with school and be able to look after my child in the near future… My contacts are 0977501603/0977707135……NRC number 433694/74/1….school computer number PMP/16/01/000956…I now remain awaiting for your response and your earliest possible convenience

  14. Golden Mwanza says:

    I think that is a good idea , that if we get help then if find money we help others too so us to develop our country.

  15. Agnes Mwenda says:

    I am Agnes Mwenda I completed my secondary education at parkland high school and I was sponsored by by faweza am really grateful to you please help me I was accepted to study teaching at chalimbana university I am expected to start in September but I don’t have sponsorship my number is 0976980546

  16. Edson Miyanza says:

    My names are Edson Miyanza i completed my secondary school in 2013 at Nampundwe secondary school and i was being helped by u i appriate for suport i recieved while at school. From 2013 iam still in the compound one to sponsor me to high Education now i applied at MM University in india and given a 30% scholarship to study BBA for 3 years and the total amount they need is $5000 the whole 3 years which i was given a 30% scholarship which brings the total to $3500 please help me. If u can still contiue helping me call or sms me i come to your office with the acceptance letter 0978079107 or 0963983289. Thank u may God bless u all Amen.

  17. sepiso lubinda says:

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  18. micah says:

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    please continue helping people with the little that you have and God will see to it that your organisation will grow.

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  20. Mutila Chewe says:

    ATTENTION: Co-ordinator and Chair
    Chanda Mutila computer number 14082231 is first year student at University of Zambia Great Road campus in the School of Humanities and Social Sciences. I am a low income earning parent who has struggled to pay for her tuition fees for the year 2014 to 2015 in part. She is not on the Government Bursary scheme. Their is eminent fear of this Girl dropping out of University.

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    So am hereby asking sponsership from well wishers.

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  29. Lukonde Patricia says:

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  30. Kamawe Joshua says:

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  31. Kamawe Joshua says:

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  32. Mathews says:

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  33. Mwewa chansa says:

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  34. Frank Lungu says:

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  35. Hillary bakasa says:

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  36. patience mulenga says:

    my name is patience mulenga looking for finicial help,i have recieved an admission from lusaka school of nursing.when i was in my grade 8 and 9 the faweza orgnisation sporned me til i completed my high school.i am asking if you would assist me again.

  37. iam writing in behalf of my nephew who is a double orphan. he so desires to complete his secondary education but can not afford to cover the school fees he dropped out of school in grade nine and is apealing for financial assistance. his name is Jabes Banda, he is staying with his widowed grand mother in lusaka, kanyama compound. i eagerly wait for your repply

  38. Kamawe Joshua says:

    Am Kamawe Joshua an orphan aged 22, I completed grade 12 at Solwezi Technical Secondary School in 2010.
    Since then I have been struggling to acquire tertiary education, and no progress has come forth so far,
    I have Just gotten admission to study Bachelor of Arts Banking and Finance at Cavendish University Zambia, in the july intake this year.
    I don’t have money to meet the coast since I and my family are underprivileged. The money per semester is adding up to Kr6100 or K6,100,000 old currency.
    Seeing that our charity organization FAWEZA is giving student loans to the needy like myself, I would like to apply for a loan and pay back after completing my studies.
    Please may you come to my rescue and I will really appreciate and never disappoint you.
    I will be so overwhelmed with joy when my humble request will be given attention.
    My details are:
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    Phone: +260974919293 / +260963328105
    Marital status: single
    Address: care of Janet kamawe, p.o. Box, 110183, Floriana Lodge Trustee, Solwezi.
    Thank you

    • Would like to ask for sponsorship from faweza,would like to study number is +260968778596 or +260966986351

      • Edson Miyanza says:

        I need sponsorship please to study at MM University in india a 3 years program of BBA with a given scholarship of 30% at the university please please please help contact 0978079107

        • Mulemwa Mike mabebo says:

          I am a male aged 22 coming from monze town ,am kindly asking for your scholarship at any percent you can give me ,I want to do nursing at any government school
          Your response will be highly appreciated


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