Don’t sell your cotton yet — Chief Msoro

CHIEF Msoro of the Kunda speaking people in Mambwe District has ordered his subjects not to sell their cotton seed to any cotton company until the price has been adjusted upwards.

And former Agriculture Minister Dr Eustarckio Kazonga has urged the Government to protect the cotton farmers by assisting them with a better price.

In an interview in Chipata yesterday, Chief Msoro urged his subjects not start selling their produce to any cotton company at the moment until a better price had been offered.

The Cotton Ginneries have this year offered to buy the commodity at K1,500 per Kg, while last year’s price was at K3,250 per Kg.

Chief Msoro said cotton farmers were being exploited by the cotton companies by offering low prices.

He urged his subjects to at least sell their cotton at an average of K3,000 per kg.

“I have ordered my subjects that they should not start selling their cotton to any cotton company because of the low prices they are offering,” the Chief said.

He said he had also ordered the cotton companies who had arrived in the area to vacate failure to which he would order his subjects to chase any cotton company worker found in the area.

Chief Msoro said the idea was to protect the interest of the farmers who were suffering when it was time of selling the commodity.

“If the cotton companies or workers stay in my chiefdom the farmers can be forced to start selling the commodities to them so I have told them to vacate my chiefdom,” he said

And Dr Kazonga who is Vubwi Member of Parliament (MP) said he noted with dismay when he visited his constituency that most cotton was still stuck because of the impasse surrounding this year’s cotton price.

He said the Government should come in and assist the cotton farmers in opening up the cotton market price as failure to do so would result in huge losses. / Daily Mail


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