London judgment registration vital to Zambia – Thornton

BRITISH High Commissioner James Thornton says the government’s suggested plan to register the London judgment is “very important to Zambia”.

High Commissioner Thornton told journalists on Monday night that after registering the London judgment, the Zambian government should also start looking at preventing future corruption with as much keen interest as it was tackling the crimes committed in the past.

“Registering the London judgment will be very important to Zambia,” High Commissioner Thornton told journalists.

“But beyond that it is important not just to go after peoplecorrupt but, also it helps build the image that future corruption is no longer acceptable; that people do not have to pay bribes or accept bribes.”

He said Britain fully supported “all serious efforts to fight corruption”.

High Commissioner Thornton said it was important that the Anti-Corruption Commission was empowered to a level of pursuing anyone suspected to be corrupt regardless of their political affiliation.

“It is critical. It is important for ordinary Zambians. It is important for the proper use of public funds. It is important if you are going to attract foreign investments,” he said.

He said foreign investors did not want to come to a country which was corrupt and where they had to pay bribes to get contracts.

High Commissioner Thornton said Britain was fully behind government in its efforts “to stamp out that evil”.

Justice minister Sebastian Zulu said the government was preparing a Cabinet memo regarding the registration of the London judgment in which late former president Frederick Chiluba and others were found liable for embezzling state funds. / Post Zambia


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