Abuse clause will enhance good governance, says chief Nalubamba

SENIOR chief Bright Nalubamba says the abuse of office clause will enable the country to have good leadership.

And chief Nalubamba says creation of jobs is a matter of serious leadership, which cannot be done in a short period of time but needs to be planned for strategically.

Commenting on former president Rupiah Banda’s views that the abuse of office clause was a bad law, which would haunt the PF leaders in future, chief Nalubamba said the clause prevents leaders from abusing their office.

“How can you call that haunting instead of preventing? In my view, the clause stands to be good for us in the country because it will give us good leadership; people will not abuse their powers. That is a mistaken view by the former president. I commend the government for reintroducing the abuse of office clause. Does he want them to be abusing powers? Because that is what it means, you want them to abuse their powers and no law restricts them from doing that. Is that what he is looking for? Is that good governance? I don’t support that view,” chief Nalubamba said.

On President Michael Sata’s comments that his government wanted to create permanent and not casual jobs, chief Nalubamba urged the head of state to consider involving the good leadership at village, provincial and national level.

“The president cannot create jobs alone. We must plan together strategically. Everybody must be involved, the chain between the national leadership and the village leadership must be strong so that everything moves smoothly and job creation can be realised,” he said.

Chief Nalubamba said the village and chiefdoms must be considered as an important development instrument.

“We are available to serve this country in a more meaningful manner. We don’t want to be so dependent. We want to be self-reliant in every way,” chief Nalubamba said.

Chief Nalubamba observed that good governance does not only start from the top leadership but the bottom as well. / Post Zambia


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