I consider it to be a vestige of belief in the supernatural which missionaries condemned when they introduced Christianity to Africa. The belief in the paranormal seems to have surfaced in the guise of the prophetic revelations and predictions from ‘men of God’ who have replaced Sangomas whose practices were rubbished by missionaries as unchristian.

Unlike their counterparts who dressed weirdly in animal garb, these Prophets are Church leaders who don executive suits and drive fancy cars.

The high priest of this ilk is the renowned prophet TB Joshua of the ambitiously named Synagogue, Church of All Nations (SCOAN) in Nigeria. The handsome clergyman is among those whose prophecies are being treated as the Gospel truth both by believers and non-believers.

TB Joshua is always in the news telling the credulous followers or the curious what God has revealed to him covering almost every aspect of life – from the death of a president, or a celebrity like Michael Jackson ,to the outbreak of protests and  the results of a football match!

Needless to say TB Joshua is no stranger to controversy. His church had earlier attracted controversy for claiming to heal incurable illnesses such as HIV/AIDsand cancer. In November 2011, Pastors from the church were caught on camera claiming to have healed people with HIV/AIDS and recommending that they stop taking potentially life-saving antiviral medications.

Following the publication of this report, T.B. Joshua stated shortly thereafter that he fully supports medical science and the standard treatment of HIV/AIDS.

The ‘man of God’ as TB Joshua is popularly known has attracted massive attention not only from ordinary people but from well known personalities like the late second Republican president Frederick Chiluba, Zimbabwe’s Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangarai, Ghanaian President John Evans Atta Mills (who testified that T.B. Joshua prophesied his ascent to presidency), South Africa’s Winnie Mandela, Malawian Vice President Joyce Banda and The Zulu King, Goodwill Zwelithini kaBhekuzulu.

The late Chiluba is said to have sought the spiritual intervention of TB Joshua concerning his third term bid. However, the writing was on the wall for Chiluba to step down.

Long after Chiluba had left power, TB Joshua is said to have predicted the downfall of Rupiah Banda and the Chipolopolo Boy’s victory recently when they won the Africa Cup. However, you don’t need to be a cynic to realize that the victory had nothing to do with the Nigerian mystic but largely dependent on our gallant boys performance and the marvelous coaching of Herve Renard.

If it is true that TB Joshua had predicted Zambia’s victory at the Africa Cup championship, he joins Paul the late psychic octopus which among several accurate predictions picked Germany to win third-place game. The two year old cephalopod based in the German city of Oberhausen also predicted Spain’s victory in the World Cup.

Long before TB Joshua came on the scene with his controversial predictions, there was the late Dr Francis Ngombe, the world-renowned Zambian psychic who like TB Joshua had an array of world leaders among his followers. Dr Ngombe’s followers included Ronald Reagan, Idi Amin and Mobutu Sese Seko. Like Joshua, Dr Ngombe made several accurate predictions.

To put it into context, some time in the late 1970s, Ngombe predicted that Britain would in a short time have a first woman Prime Minister. It was not long before the legendary Margaret Thatcher walked into N0 10 Downing Street breaking all the sexist gender myths that had earlier characterized British politics.

The psychic again made an accurate prediction when he told the world that Uganda’s former President, Milton Obote would be overthrown by a military rebellion. Idi Amin, who was highly superstitious even, made Dr Ngombe his personal soothsayer and prophet.

Idi Amin revered Dr Ngombe who added to the dictator’s dependence on witches and psychis for his day to day affairs. Amin’s decision to chase Asians from Uganda is said to have been arrived at after a dream.

Coming back to TB Joshua, the Nigerian Prophet, psychic,’Man of God’, Sangoma, Ng’anga, Mchape or ‘anointed’ one (depending on which side you are looking at his prophecies) his predictions should be taken with a hefty pinch of salt as they are more steeped in mysticism than in Biblical teachings.

I am considering his backpedaling on the claim that he could cure for HIV/AIDS to dismiss him as a quack.

What about the accurate predictions that TB Joshua made? Some would ask. I am afraid that even witchdoctors sometimes make accurate predictions. What Joshua is doing falls in the category of divination which is an attempt to gain esoteric insight into a situation using standardized ritual?

Our own man Ngombe used the crystal ball for his divinations while TB Joshua is claiming to use the Bible. How are we going to tell if his predictions are really coming from God? I mean the God of Abraham, the father of Jesus Christ.

I am disappointed at the number of purported Christians who are not using this simple but ignored yardstick.

The Bible is full of verses guiding the faithful to test who a man of God is. For the sake of space I will only cite a few verses but most effective tests. I will start by quoting Deuteronomy 18: 22 which states :”When a prophet speaketh in the name of the LORD, if the thing follow not, nor come to pass, that is the thing which the LORD hath not spoken, but the prophet hath spoken it presumptuously: thou shalt not be afraid of him“/End..


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  1. Judith Chanda Kakumbi says:


    • ScienceWatch says:

      WARNING !!!!!!!! WARNING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      The scam on websites and Facebook called “tbjoshuawatch” was setup to destroy The Holy Scoan Church, Nigeria and the loving ministry of the holy Prophet TB Joshua. This fake websites dont allow any comments to be made that dont agree with their own satanic views on the holy work done by the Scoan church, Nigeria.

      The scam websites called “tbjoshuawatch” continuously and viscously twist every good thing reported about the Scoan church.
      Recently they reacted viciously to verifiable evidence based reports that Dutch theologian Professor Willem Ouweneel and his daughter stayed at the Scoan Church, Nigeria. The professor also said that he and his daughter was healed and much more.

      DON’T BE FOOLED BY FOOLS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. felix m says:

    the bible says, you will know them by their fruit.
    we all know TB Joshua and his fruits: his teaching and actions that are in line with the bible.
    austin kaluba, who are you, what are your actions that supersede the TB joshua’s?.
    Don’t judge. fear the LORD

  3. libby says:

    some of u really need to gain wisdom bcos obviously u r d direct oposite. If u read your bible ul knw dat who eva blasphems against d holy spirit of God is doomed 4 hell,no mercy!!!. Some of u alrdy no ur fate dats y u are tryn 2 win more souls 4 ur fada lucifer. I cal d holy ghost fire 2 melt ur hardned hearts in jesus name

  4. Musonda says:

    Austin Kaluba, if you are truly a Christian, the Holy Bible clearly states that DO NOT JUDGE. Judgement is for God, then who are you to judge others? Let TB Joshua be judged by God and not by man because we are all sinners waiting for judgement. In every generation God will have His own obedient children such as TB Joshua who will be there as prophets, apostles, pastors, care givers etc.

  5. Zama says:

    Propet TB Joshua is a might prophet of our time, he says things that blows ones mind. We have never seen a single man of God prophecying at the same standard maybe thats why many christian do not understand him. The bible says you will know them by their fruits and I think these speak of the man of God

  6. Kachepeshi says:

    I may have missed it. Did anyone pick it up if the Prophet said anything concernng the Sunday plane crash in Nigeria on 3rd June 2012?

  7. Maxwell says:

    If we luk at football.the origin is frm a god zeus n hs brotha. Thus God cannot parttake in such issue. God uses prophecy 4 serious busines nt fun lyk soccer which dnt afect any1.mathew 7v22 says some wil think they re usin Gods power bt nt wich means da devil cn truly propecy. Usin deutronomy 18v22 Tb joshua is a false prophet.

  8. danny says:

    it is only who is not singing that know who are not singing. Some of this people that criticise men of God, are they angel? Stop talking about the only prophet of our time, TB Joshua, if you tink he is fake, go and collect ur own power. Pls allow God to judge

  9. Snyder says:

    One thing is for sure here, Tb Joshua is a real man of God, lets just put the prophecy part apart, just listen to his preachings, very pure and raw and of cours how the bible states it.. What is wrong with you guys, most of you havent even watched him, you only hear he says this or that.. What about how he helps the less privelaged, not just here in Africa but around the glob, now lets talk about the healing power of God, the deliverance… Come on guys just dont write what you dont know about an anoited servernt of God, its writen in the bible cuz you are only bringing causes to yourself and genaration to come.

  10. guys-jealousy comes in when you cannot do what your friend is doing-the bible says do not condemn- get me right here . if what he is doing is from the devil it will not stand the test of advice to those who doubt him,try to watch his live services on emmanuel tv every sunday at 8hrs GMT

  11. Patrick says:

    Have nothing to say to the Quack who wrote the article. TB Joshua is the last standing prophet. Believe it or Not. Agents of Darkness. tell us which prophecy of TB Joshua never came to pass? You agents of Lucifer you have fail. You may succeed in pulling others but not those that are well rooted in the words like us. Sorry for your good for nothing article. He is healing, Feeding millions of hopeless and needy ones all around the world. can’t you be ashamed just looking at his work? How much did he spent during the Haiti disaster? who other pastor, overseer or prophet from Africa did same?


    • Kalundwe says:

      What is God trying to achieve by these prophesies? It is a simple question! You seem to think that facts/reality are the same as your personal convictions. You can be well convinced and you may well choose to be convinced about anything you choose – but how can you be so stupid to think that just because you personally believe these things then everything become facts by vitue of you believing them? Who are you and what position do you occupy in the physical laws of nature? Are you completely STUPID?

    • Observer says:

      You sound like a demon possessed fanatic….this man is not a prophet…he can be a good guy or whatever but not a prophet (at least not a Christian prophet).
      And the money you allege he spent in Haiti (I say allege because I don´t know the facts)…where did it come from? I´ll tell you where it came from – gullible people like you, paying every last penny as spectators in this great magic show masquerading as messengers of God´s word

      • joe says:

        mr. observer, you do not know what your talking about. you have no clue how under the power of the HOLY SPIRIT to directly interrogate and cast out demons. futhermore your doing exactly what the pharasies did to Jesus accusing Him of casting out demons and healing the sick in the name of lucifer. Jesus warned not to blaspheme the Holy Spirit. Pick on the phonies in the usa who only seek money using their healing service to gain wealth. You are picking on the wrong man. look at the videos of the dead brought to life, the cancer in the leg healed, the woman whose skin is terrible and then healed. how about the crazy men and women who become sane and productive again. name me one other man of God who does this and video tapes it and then the results testimony too? NONE DO. so you need to shut your big mouth as your hurting the faith of the little ones and the unlearned such as yourself!!!!!

        • Observer says:

          Maybe you should ask your great pastor to beat the demons out of you. Oh wait a minute….that would be me admitting he´s a prophet so on second thoughts we don´t you stay clear of alcohol and drugs so that when you sober up you see how foolish your rantings are

    • joe says:


  12. Kalundwe says:

    But nobody so far is answering the questions I raised in my previous comments. Surely the whole of God has to have a purpose for what he is doing? I don’t understand what it is with Christians when it comes to intellectual debate. It is either they have no answers for simple legitimate questions and often become very aggressive and defensive or they just simply dismiss the questions as if to say the questions are not important. If God created us, he gave us a brain which we use to question things! Where are the answers to my simple questions. Why is God doing all these useless prophesies? I really think there must be something fundamentally wrong with us Africans – this is all so silly – little kids could see through them and yet we still believe this stuff! How stupid could you possibly be? Is it any wonder that we don’t make progress on anything at all?

  13. Tendai Mudhliwa says:

    Hi Austin, good to see you are still the writing guru.personally i think that his prophecies are true coz the things he has said do come to pass ? Dont they

  14. nwaeze anaocha says:

    things of God are given to xtians. tb joshua does not make his prophesies to unbelievers. he has never made any prophesy outside his church or emmanuel tv. so there is no need bothering yourselves listening to his prophesies if it is not disturbing your kingdom of darkness. you need deliverance.

  15. mj says:

    I find your argument rather neive.
    One on the true marks of a Prophet is that, If he prophesies in the name of the Lord and it comes to pass, then he is a true prophet. This is what TB Joshua has done.
    If the prophesy was not in the name of the Lord, God woudn’t let it come to pass because He wouldn’t want to promote the devil’s work.
    During last Sunday’s service he prophesied that a certain President in South America will fall Sick and will die only if Surgically operated on and will not if medically treated. What will you say then if he is operated on and dies?
    I will be waiting to read your next edition after the said prophesy.

    • neutral says:

      MJ, that´s very shallow reasoning, I predicted that Spain would win the world cup for the first time and also predicted that Zambia would win the Africa cup. And guess what, there are millions like me who go to Ladbrokes or William Hill twice a week and make successful make predictions (among the thousand other times we get it wrong!). I can tell you 100 % that these predictions are not supernatural in any way or form and I´m more than a 100% sure that whoever this fraud is, his predictions are definitely not from God, they may be from somewhere else but my best guess is they are exactly that – guesses!

      And by the way, it´s naive not “neive”

  16. Kalundwe says:

    The simple test questions for me are.
    1. What is the purpose of these prophesies?
    2. What does “God” achieve by telling the world that a Malawian president was going to die?
    3. Similary what is God achieving in telling the world that Zambia was going to win the Africa cup of nations?
    4. Do these God prophesies have any particular purpose?
    5. With all the major issues around the world, why is God talking to us about such trivial things – is he a clown of some sort? Is this his way of making us laugh?

  17. Boza says:

    How come he failed to “predict” when his own president would die? Let him provide answers how his own country can overcome corruption/maladministration and become the African gaint it can be.

    • Snyder says:

      For those asking the pourpose of the prophesise, why not go to the bible and ask that, all the prophesis that elijah, jeremaih but to name but few gave why not ask the reasons for those?

  18. kamwendo says:

    TB joshua, how come never predicted the Global Financial Crisis???? More so because it affected the whole world!! Predicting an African leader’s death, well , is no surprise espceiallyn if they want to hold on till they die!!! Perhaps, he could go ahead & predict that the Pope will “pop it” one of these days – Yah, the man has to be a prophet!!!!!

  19. Helen says:

    Point of correction. His predictions are not always negative. He predicted the victory of Zambia national football team. He predicted the victory of Ghana president. He predicted the freedom of the Colombian presidential candidate. There are lots. My suggestion to you and the writer is to make sure of all things I mean examine everything you hear, read in the light of God’s word. As the Bible says find out the truth and it shall set you free. Do more of your findings about TB Joshua. He has a website and a YouTube channel “scoantv” For you own good and your generation to come in order not to offend a prophet.

  20. Bauze says:

    Austin , I really enjoy your witty comments on London Calling. This is one of a beautiful story concerning a man who is leading masses astray as a Prophet. My foot ! The Biblical test of a man of God is to all his prophecies to come true. TB Joshua as Austin predicts has failed this test.

  21. Johnson Nenty says:

    Those who do not believe in this prophet of God and hence blaspheme against him have no, or have lost their spiritual bearing and their opportunity to feast on the tremendous investment God has made on him through which many souls are being saved. While he gives out thousands and millions to the poor and needy other general overseers use God’s millions to satisfy their selfish earthly lust especially of flying personal jet planes far far over the heads of the poor they oversee. Yet they and their cronies have the audacity of condemning this Man of God.
    Many of us are hired and wired by Satan to blaspheme against a man of God, and it always gives us what to say in condemnation of truth. There is nothing one can do to change us. There is a God of yesterday, today and forever and He sent us messages through Elijah, Elisha and the rest of them why shouldn’t there be a Joshua as a prophet? Is it because he is in African? Which of his prophesies did not come out exactly as prophesied. I came to know this man in 2008 through a Muslim friend and have read all about him before then. Starting from the ammunition dump explosion in Ikeja, Lagos through . . . the African cup finals of February and of course the death of an elderly African Head of State. Every of his prophesy has come out true. He does not preach money-raising sermons, but what is donated to his ministry he spends it selflessly on the poor and needy all over the globe. He does not use it selfishly on himself like other general overseers who flamboyantly fly round the world with private jets bought with money raised on God’s behalf for the poor and the needy. What are we talking about? No matter what one says there are those of us who look at truth in the face but because of that for which we are agents we called them lies. That’s your destiny. Whether you believe it or not he is a God’s General recognized by a spiritual descendant of an earlier General Evangelist A. A. Allen. A. A. Allen’s stamp was passed unto him by Pastor Upthegrove. Watch a repeat of Sunday April 8, 2012 SCOAN service.

  22. gani mwale says:

    My brothers thank you for a timely analysis about T B Joshua. What glory does his prediction give to the almighty. If we are not in touch with scriptures we all like wise will be under deception. Remember scripture says the devil will come like angel of light. watch thatr you do not fall. Miracules are meant for unbelievers perhaps they can for sake their sinful life and embrass christ Jesus in true repentance.

  23. Very well written article. IF indeed T.B Joshua is some great prophet, why does his predictions tend to be negative almost always? If you analyse the latest “prediction” where he said some African head of State was gonna die, it was vague – anyone could say that and still correct. Statistically every living thing must die – the probability is 1, certainty. I can also say that an MP in some African country will die very soon, and I would be proved correct coz this is bound to happen anyway.

    The challenge is to get him to give predictions in their particular contexts rather than universal, generalised phrases which, am afraid, the simple minded take as truth.

    Poor Africans, flocking to his Synagogue and making the guy rich! We need to cultivate scientific minds and glean facts from a mass of empty rhetoric that could pass for anything anyway.

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