Western province advised to understand implications of Barotse

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A political Analyst says the people of Western Province need to understand the Implications of the content of the Barotseland Agreement.

Dr. Alex Ng’oma has told QFM News that the boundaries of the Barotseland go beyond some of Zambias borders and has wondered how possible it will be for the people of western province to claim the land in such countries.

Dr Ng’oma who is also a political scientist at the University of Zambia notes that the issue of the Barotseland Agreement is a very sensitive matter which will need to be handled carefully by the parties involved as failure to do so may result in anarchy.

Dr. Ng’oma adds that while the people of western province have a good cause with regards the issue of the Barotseland, there is nowhere in the Agreement where secession is mentioned.

He has also urged government to ensure that there is dialogue on the matter to rectify the mistakes that could have been made at the time the Barotseland Agreement was being signed.

Dr Ng’oma has since advised the government to listen to the people of western province on the matter.

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2 responses to “Western province advised to understand implications of Barotse”

  1. One Zambia One Nation says:

    This should answer your questions

  2. Queen says:

    Barotseland History:

    I understand that our brothers in Western province are sick and tired of the poverty in the area. They are looking for ways of solving the poverty problem. The conclusion was to declare independence from Zambia. But is this going to solve the poverty problem?

    My big question is: Wlhen did Barotseland come into existance and When did the Lozis conquer the other Paramount chiefs around them to draw the boundary stretching up to Namibia, Angola, Northwestern province, Copperbelt, Central and Southern provinces?

    When did the Lozis wage a war which conquered the tribes around them?

    Do the other chiefs agree that they were under the Lozi rule before the coming of the Europeans?

    Did Barotseland exist before the coming of Europeans or was this land formed by colaborating with Cecil Rhodes and other white people who had failed to get contracts from the other Paramount Chiefs in the region?

    Can some one tell me the true history of this region

    The poverty problem in Western province and in all the other parts of rural Zambia, is to be taken seriously. I am confident that our brothers and sisters in Western province will find a sober way to solve this problem.

    I hope some one can give me an honest answer to this very important issue. I am concerned because my region is affected by the Lozi declaration of indepence. I am not Lozi and as far as I know, our tribe had never been under the Lozi rule at any time of our history.

    Concerned Zambian

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