THE Lungu Royal Establisment Open Letter to the President – Barotse issue


THE Lungu Royal Establisment (LRE) of the Lungu-speaking people of Northern and Eastern Provinces of Zambia observes with profound sadness the unfolding developments in Western Province of the sovereign Republic of Zambia.

Zambia is at crossroads and the LRE urgently calls upon all citizens of this great country, especially chiefs and the Church, to rise on this occasion in order to preserve the unity and peace that has defined and distinguished Zambia from the rest of the world.

The LRE duly takes note of the demands raised by our brothers and sisters; delegates to the just-ended Barotse National Council (BNC) as being legitimate, save for the rationale to secede and which must, therefore, be dealt with urgently.

The LRE is for this reason eager to see dignity and seriouseness by all those entrusted to ensure peace and tranquility in a unitary Zambia by honestly engaging the people of Western Province and other citizens from under-developed areas of our country.

This problem is a timely challenge and an opportunity for the Patriotic Front (PF) Government to address this long-standing issue to its logical and viable conclusion in order to guarantee a one and united future for generations to come.

Mr President, great nations have fallen by the likes of what is obtaining in Western Province, and if mishandled, posterity shall judge all of us harshly.

The LRE now implores you, your excellency, to be above every adversity and now tackle the Barotse Agreement of 1964 with the collective widsom of the Zambian people.

Our immediate proposal and contribution is that the PF administration should seize the opportunity and seriously consider changing the goverance structues of the unitary Zambia into a federal State.

The system of governance in our view may assist in resolving the accumulated frustrations and alienations, and the inequitable distribution of national wealth.

We believe, Sir, that a federal system of governance, though challenging, will quickly help the devolution and self-determination processes that many Zambians have advocated for since independence.

On the other hand, the fight against corruption and service delivery will be enhanced.

This, we envision, will accelerate economic development which we all desperately need across the length and breadth of rural Zambia.

Your Excellency, President Micheal Chilufya Sata, God has given you five solid years to rule and deliver to Zambians.

This mandate is to distinguish you from your predecessors owing to the indisputable fact that you have demonstrated rare courage and leadership in opening up debate on this once sacred agreement.

The PF Government should not be dissuaded by wrong thinkers to handle and manage the Barotseland question on its merit through dialogue by re-examining the gaps in its origins and those which are critically relevant to the present day Zambia.

We all must face reality, and Sir take advantage of the on-going constitutional review process to address this issue.

The royal highnesses of the Lungu Royal Establishment herein send their warm greetings, love and God’s wisdom for you to prevail over all matters related to a unitary Zambia.

Kaluba Musenda Simuyemba Spokesperson of the Lungu Royal Establisment

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