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External factors put pressure on Kwacha

STANDARD Chartered Bank Plc (SCB) says the Kwacha will remain weak on short term due to external factors in Nigeria, Kenya and the post-debt crisis in the Eurozone. The bank has also said the issuance of the US$700 million euro … read more »

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‘Dead’ baby comes back to life

A TWENTY-FIVE-YEAR-OLD father of twins was on Wednesday astounded when two hours after the hospital had certified one of his newly-born babies dead, he discovered that the infant was still breathing and crying just as it was about to be … read more »

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Kitwe boy dies at Chamboli cemetery

A youth of Kitwe’s Chamboli Township on Thursday died on the spot when he was involved in an accident that happened at Chamboli cemetery. Police and Family relatives in Kitwe confirmed that the youth died on the spot when the … read more »

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High food prices push inflation up to 6.6%

ZAMBIA’s inflation rate has increased to 6.4 per cent from last month’s six per cent, driven by mainly high food and non-alcoholic beverage prices while, the economy grew by 6.6 per cent at the end of 2011, the Central Statistical … read more »

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