“Be real” Lubinda tells donation critics


Minister of Foreign Affairs and Tourism Given Lubinda has charged that it is immoral for anyone to rejoice over reports that president Michael Sata is in India for medical check-ups.

Mr. Lubinda has however maintained that President Sata’s private visit to India has nothing to do with his health adding that the head of state is in perfect condition.

The minister in a telephone interview on ZNBC’s Mid- morning show was reacting to a story reported in one of the papers that there is jubilation in the opposition UPND over false reports that the president is in India to seek medical attention.

And Mr. Lubinda says the US $ 10 thousand Donation that the president made to a school while in Botswana should not be trivialized.

Mr. Lubinda notes that the donation was just a kind gesture from president Sata to the people of Botswana for honoring him by according him an opportunity to officially open the school during his state visit to that country.

He adds that the benefits of Zambia maintaining good relations with Botswana are more than the 10 ,000 dollars donation which is only equivalent to K 52 million.

And the minister noted that records at the Zambian mission in Botswana indicate that 2000 Zambians are currently working in Botswana.

Mr. Lubinda notes that the Botswana economy has helped cushion the impact of unemployment in Zambia by creating jobs for Zambians residents there.

He has however, reminded the Zambians in the diaspora on the importance of them investing back home so as to secure their future./QFM

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2 responses to ““Be real” Lubinda tells donation critics”

  1. Limnothrissa says:

    Another LIE by a government of lies!

    It is clear for anyone to see that SATA is neither mentally nor physically fit to hold office.

    As public servant No 1, he has insulted Zambians in Botswana and denied the basic rights of all Zambians, inside and outside of Zambia.

    He should resign now or be impeached for dishonesty.

  2. Fwaka says:

    Reading from the Botwana press, it appears Tswanas would have appreciated if he ate his food ate the dinner and took part in the school tour….they do not seem to have appreciated the $10 000 ‘donation’.

    So it was poor judgement on the part of our dear leader to do what they did not like while ignoring what they would have loved him to do.

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