Zambian students severely beaten in Saint Petersburg Russia

Zambian students severely beaten in Saint Petersburg Russia


African students holding a banner reading "St. Petersburg is a cemetery for foreigners'' at an anti-racism rally
African students holding a banner reading "St. Petersburg is a cemetery for foreigners'' at an anti-racism rally
[/wide]3 Zambian students aged between 23-24 years, were severely beaten in Saint Petersburg Russia on the night of 18th March leaving one of the students in a Coma. Two of the students are studying at St. Petersburg State University of Economics and Finance (FINEK), and the third at St.Petersburg State Engineering and Economic University (ENGECON).

The students whose names are Lenard,Christopher and Crispin were at an entertainment club, the “City”, located at number 113 on Ligovsky Avenue.

There are reports that was a quarrel and the guards at the Club are said to have severely beated the Zambian students breaking Christopher jaw and inflicting him with severe head injuries that has left him comatose.The other two also have severe head injuries.

Police are studying records of CCTV cameras to establish the circumstances of the incident which many believe was a racist attack.

Racist assaults are frequently committed by skinhead gangs, which have grown in number in recent years in Russia and specifically Saint-Petersburg.

They often target people from Russia’s Caucasus region and the former Soviet republics in Central Asia.

The number of such crimes has grown by nearly 20 per cent in 2010 from the year before, according to the Russian Prosecutor General, who conceded in April that the authorities are not successful in curbing the trend.

According to the New York Times Racist attitudes lie deep within the Russian psyche and are growing even worse now.

Earlier this week, St. Petersburg officials arrested four young men for the murder earlier this month of Roland Eposeka, a 29-year-old student from the Congo in what prosecutors believe was racially motivated.

In November 6, 2009 19 year old a Zambian student-Lance Mate went missing on November 6, 2009 after a quarrel with some Russians and his body was retrieved from Kazanka River in Kazan City 5 months later.The government is said to have downplayed this incidence and remained tight-lipped over the killing while Russian Ambassador to Zambia Boris Malakhov said the death of Mate was an isolated case.

However Africans living in Russia have been victims of racist attacks time and again.

“I don’t even think about going out for a walk because I am scared. I stay at home, in front of my computer, after classes. Can you imagine when people back at home ask me how was my life in Russia was for the past four years and I am not even familiar with any street but the street where we are now,” one student said.

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  1. Russia is their country and not yours. If you don’t like it go back to the country that you came from.

    You come to Russia to study because their educational system and society is better than yours and yet you want it to assimilate to your culture, the very culture that can’t provide adequate educational resources for its citizens?

    What kind of backwards logic is that?

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  3. Good evening everybody! We have read all your comments in Zambia’s newspapers so called ”Lusaka times”. We have read all your comments on the recent sad matter and we respect your opinions. We promise to always welcome your comments whether so disgusting or building. I take this moment in a humble way to wish our fellow boys quick recovery. Blaming the Russian or Zambian govt is one of the biggest mistake an idle mind would ever think of. Firstly, we so fast to running to conclusions blaming some govt. It is not the duty of the government to take care of your beautiful life. It takes one’s responsibility to take care of his life. Who ever thinks is more intelligent on this matter, am kindly asking him to show me a country that is 100% safe without crime. There have been local cases in Kanyama where thugs or hooligans or the frustrated have gone to the extent of cutting innocent people’s lips, ears and so forth. What of the South Africa’s issue? What is all this? And u claim u are safe. late me assure u that where ever u will be u will never be safe. U even claim that their education is fake, why do u cheat yourself? they have the father of chemistry. they, in 2007 produced the worlds most powerful bomb using hydrogen gas and they have regained the name ” supper power”. Why are u not the supper power yourselves. Why can’t you interfere in world matters? Why can’t u project power on the world scale? Why can’t you defend your interests? U are busy waiting to be fed by the same governments u are insulting. If North Korea can deploy both continental and intercontinental ballistic missiles for self defence, why cant you? and u claim your education is functioning, shame! U are only good theoretically but practically u are nil. Learn from them and become wise. After all the education u have receiving is theirs. don’t even make a mistake starting them, they will bomb you within 1 minute. And lets learn the history of the same people. They were the super powers that had the best armies in the world ever. They preached communism in Eastern europe, but the death of their superior socialist led to their collapse. The eastern world follows the communist principles in running a government, but the westerners believe in capitalist economy which has failed Africa at large. Too much freedom is keeling Africa. Democracy? what is it by the way? busy insulting the president but we are heading no where? we are not practical. Check out our economic growth using the main macro-economic indicators of a successful economy: Our turnover, liquidation ratios, our GDP, GNP, inflation rates, unemployment levels, investments, the standard of living. Why can’t we invest in foreign countries? Why should we only wait for the Chinese to come and invest in a country that claims to have brains? Start with your brains!

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