The opposition MMD deregistered, given 21 days to appeal

Rupiah Banda has with immediate effect stepped down from MMD presidency leaving the party leadership to MMD National Chairman Michael Mabenga until the convention.

The MMD has been deregistered by the Registrar of Societies for non payment of K390 million in renewal fees since 1991 and risks losing all Parliamentary seats.

The Registrar of Societies says he will inform the Speaker to declare all 53 MMD seats in Parliament vacant because the party has been deregistered. The MMD has 21 days in which to appeal to the Minister of Home Affairs against the decision.

Meanwhile, Rupiah Banda has with immediate effect stepped down from MMD presidency leaving the party leadership to MMD National Chairman Michael Mabenga until the convention.

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13 responses to “The opposition MMD deregistered, given 21 days to appeal”

  1. Ba Lesa says:

    Michael Chilufya Sata is worse than Robert Mugabe. Mugabe is a dictator but never did he deregister the MDC of Morgan Tsaingarai.

    • Getrude says:

      Do not blame Sata,he has nothing to do with MMD’S deragistration,it has everything to do with the greedy MMD leaders who were more interested in fattening their pockets than paying their subscriptions to the Registra of societies.They were burrying money and yet failed to pay 400m.
      Shame on you who wants to relate the failures of MMD to Sata.

    • kamwendo says:

      Plse learn to blame the irresponsible party, rather than someone who has nothing to do with it!! YOU SEEM AS OBJECTIVE AS SOMEONE INTENT ON BURYING THEIR HEAD IN THE SAND!!!!

  2. Godfrey Miyanda says:

    MMD thot,wil b in power 4ever! They dserve ths! But the registra office owe us an explaination,where were they 4 2 decades? It smz they went 4 a HOLLYDAY is it so!

  3. one party state says:

    Zambia is now one party state and end of Zambia as we know it. With these by-elections the government will go broke and donas will not contribute to these elections and the Kwacha will dive… Welcome to Sata’s Zambia!

  4. Getrude says:

    Almost half a billion (400 million) remember Liato had 2 billion buried on the ground, for these thieves they have lot of money among themselves, I guess…whoever settles this MMD bill becomes President of the party-Period!!

  5. Kadoli says:

    Can they pay up when they appeal? Or this is final decision?

  6. Deal says:

    I don’t trust Zambian Watchdog, the UPND mouth piece, but reading it here on Ukzambians… this is true but bad!

  7. chuulu says:

    RB has now resigned! what a failure, he married a lady 36 years his junior, flew more than Kaunda in 27 yrs in three years and he was rejected by the Zambians after 3 years and cried!!

  8. Do'nt Kubeba says:

    The law must be upheld no matter who is involved. But one wonders where this Registrar of society has been for the past 20yrs.

  9. Lupato says:

    This is a good , these MMD chaps are just selfish, how can they fail to pay 390m?

  10. Mubita says:

    No one should blame PF for this, MMD knew about this almost 2 weeks ago and they did nothing!

  11. Getrude says:

    These MMD fools only cared about themselves, not even the party they were running, how would you expect them to care about you. Shame…on them

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