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Zambia: heavy downpour,waterlogged roads in Lusaka – Photos

Zambia’s informal urban settlements in Zambia are overcrowded; roads and drains unplanned and in poor condition. Generally, limited sewage systems or refuse disposal facilities, and water points are limited. [wide] [/wide]

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Zambia: AfDB allocates $20m for livestock

THE African Development Bank (AfDB) has earmarked US$20 million to support Zambia’s livestock sector through infrastructure development. The bank is working in collaboration with the World Bank and the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock to support the livestock sector through … read more »

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Chinese buses arrive in Zambia

[wide][/wide]TWENTY-FIVE luxury buses donated to the Zambian government by China have arrived in the country. And China’s Kinglong Motors Limited general manager Wu Ming says his company’s proposal to empower Zambian youths with ownership of buses will soon become a … read more »

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Shikapwasha Vowes Never to Pay for ‘Chanda Chimba’s Sins

Former Information and Broadcasting Minister Ronnie Shikapwasha has vowed never to pay the nine hundred million kwacha over Chanda Chimba’s documentaries. Lieutenant General Shikapwasha says the he had no hand in the airing of the infamous Chanda Chimba prior the … read more »

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“Tears of Rain:” Taking Stock of Nkoya History, Mythology, Symbolism, Truth and Its Bearing on Demands for the Secession of Barotseland from Zambia

By Malama Katulwende I first made my public opinion on the Barotseland Agreement 1964 known when, in 2005, I published my second book, Bitterness in New York. I had decided, as I researched the book that was partly set at … read more »

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Veep Scott challenges former vice-president to go to court

Vice-President Guy Scott yesterday challenged the former vice-president to go to court to prove that he did not qualify to hold office. Dr Scott, tongue in cheek, said he is anxiously waiting for Mr Kunda to take him to court … read more »

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Nkoyas want freedom from Lozis

THE Nkoya people of Western Province have urged President Sata to officially recognise their chiefs in Kabompo, North- Western Province, and Lukulu and Kaoma districts in Western Province. Kazanga Kabombo Cultural Association chairman Shiyama Kutoha said in a statement in … read more »

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Chief bemoans huge land allocation of vast deposits of manganese to one foreign investor

SENIOR Chief Mwewa of the Ng’umbo people of Samfya district of Luapula Province has expressed concern at the allocation of a large tract of land to one foreign investor. The land extends from Central through Northern to Luapula provinces and … read more »

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Zambia Public Procurement Authority boss dropped

PRESIDENT Sata has terminated the contract of Zambia Public Procurement Authority (ZPPA) director-general Samuel Chibuye. The President says the termination of Mr Chibuye’s contract is in national interest. “I have found it expedient in terms of public interest to terminate … read more »

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