Daliso Banda – A fresh voice in the world of poetry

Born in Zambia, Daliso Banda has lived within unique cultures in both his native country as well as China, and his diverse background shines through in his imagery.

Banda offers a fascinating contrast between what he experienced living in other countries with the universal events he has experienced in relationships as he shares his profound thoughts about life and death-joy and sadness-love and hate. In the poem “Heartbreaker,” the reader is transported back to the memory of a first love when Banda writes, “She’s tender and caring. The kind of a woman that makes a man forget about the outside world.” In “Friends Forever,” Banda captures the beauty of two souls who find the peace of everlasting friendship: “Lovely like a rose, faithful like a diary. Friends from the start-friends till the end of time.”

For those who are experiencing loneliness or who are just dreaming of better days, Banda’s flowing and lyrical style accompanies a strong message of hope that illustrates that no one is ever truly alone.

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