Zambia seeks US help on President Sata assassination prank

Sata - Saving money

GOVERNMENT will seek assistance from the United States government to establish the identity of the people peddling rumours that President Sata was assassinated over the weekend, Minister of Home Affairs Kennedy Sakeni has said.
Meanwhile, the church and some civil society organisations have condemned the false reports and have urged the Zambia Police to quickly bring to book the prophets of doom.
“We will ask the US government to help us since we understand the website (Wikipedia) where the rumours were published is managed and hosted from the United States,” Mr Sakeni said, adding that he had been informed that if a formal complaint is made to the website managers by the Zambian government, they will oblige and grant the government access to the information it needs to catch the culprits.
On Sunday, State House dismissed the claims, describing them as the work of uncouth individuals who have failed to accept electoral defeat.
Mr Sakeni said the reports are intended to create chaos by causing despondency among Zambians.
He said the falsehoods are of great concern to Government as they are likely to bring confusion in the country.
Mr Sakeni said in an interview yesterday that Government will leave no stone unturned in its quest to bring to book the initiators of the falsehoods.
He said Government believes that political enemies of the State are behind the reports.
“We believe people who cannot accept defeat in the last general elections are behind these falsehoods. These are definitely political enemies of the state.
“People should understand and appreciate that there can only be one winner in an election and those who are still in denial should accept that they were defeated,” he said.
Mr Sakeni said Government will expose anyone found wanting, adding that the law will take its course.
And the Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia (EFZ) says the church is disappointed with the reports of Mr Sata’s death, which he described as unChristian.
EFZ executive director Pukuta Mwanza said in an interview that the false rumours are likely to cause fear and anxiety among members of the public.
Reverend Mwanza said it is unfortunate that some people find pleasure in wishing the President dead.
“I wonder what is motivating some individuals to spread such rumours about the head of State. Such falsehoods must be condemned in the strongest terms,” Rev Mwanza said.
Former Church of God overseer John Mambo said in a separate interview that Government should take action against the perpetrators of the rumours.
Bishop Mambo said President Sata deserves to be respected.
He said it is unfortunate that in a Christian nation, there are individuals bent on spreading unGodly messages.
“We know that not everyone can be happy with the change of Government but a republican President deserves respect and only God knows when each one of us will die,” he said.
Foundation for Democratic Process (FODEP) executive director MacDonald Chipenzi said the rumours about the President are inhuman.
Mr Chipenzi said the false reports have the potential to jeopardise peace and security in the country.
“Security wings should get to the bottom of this matter and anyone found wanting should explain their motives,” Mr Chipenzi said.
Zambia Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) director of public relations and international affairs Martin Chembe said the rumours are bent on distracting Government from implementing national programmes.
“The talk is distasteful and unChristian. No well-meaning Zambian can wish the President dead.
“It is unfortunate that people can resort to trying to shift attention from improving the welfare of the people to perpetrating rumours to cause alarm in the nation. Such people should be exposed and dealt with,” Mr. Chembe said./ Daily Mail

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3 responses to “Zambia seeks US help on President Sata assassination prank”

  1. There are a lot of mad people out there on internet just sending rubbish to people. Should we respond to all such rubish we see on the internet? GRZ, just ignore such and don’t think it’s any one in UPND or MMD doing this. GRZ, just draw water and don’t listen to frogs. Let’s fulfil our promises instead of following these internet busy bodies.

  2. Fwaka says:

    The other PF site Tumfweko claims the prank star is in Crawley, UK. So are the govt barking up the wrong tree?

  3. Limnothrissa says:

    It is not a crime to write rubbish on the Internet, thousands of people do so every day.

    The fault is with the stupid people that cannot tell the difference between truth and rubbish. Verify the facts!

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