Zambia: Sata upgrades Vubwi, Lunga into districts

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PRESIDENT Michael Sata has upgraded Vubwi in Eastern Province and Lunga in Luapula into districts to allow them manage their own administrative structures.

This brings the total number of districts in Zambia to 75.

Speaking at State House yesterday after he swore in Eastern Province Permanent Secretary, Chabota Nkunika, the president said the decision was meant to allow people in these areas access basic needs easily within their localities.

Mr Sata said due to long distances and lack of infrastructure, some people were agitating for self-rule but had failed to provide answers on how they intended to carry out such mandates.

He said some vast areas lacked access to the district centres and people in such areas ended up asking for autonomy without providing specific steps on how they would run on their own.

Mr Sata said faster development was anticipated in districts with the development of infrastructure to accommodate administrative offices.

He directed Mr Nkunika to ensure that he works on developing Vubwi and was confident that the Permanent Secretary for Luapula Province, Gabriel Kaunda would help in turning Lunga into a district.

He noted that currently, the people of Vubwi found hardships in accessing services in Chadiza.

People in Lunga travelled long distances to access services in Samfya.

The president has already moved the provincial headquarters of Southern Province from Livingstone to Choma and created a new province called Muchinga.

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