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Brazil economy overtakes UK

Brazil has overtaken the UK as the world’s sixth largest economy, an economic research group has said. The Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR) said its latest World Economic League Table showed Asian countries moving up and European countries … read more »

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Zambeef importing 100 tonnes of beef each month

By NKOLE CHITALA ZAMBEEF Plc says it is importing 100 tonnes of beef every month to meet the shortfall of beef particularly during the festive period. The firm has also said it may list on the Nigerian Stock Exchange in … read more »

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MTN Zambia launches solar green site

By NELLA MUKALENGE MTN Zambia has launched its first solar green site in Zambia which will provide efficient telecommunication services to people living in rural areas. The site will cover a distance (radius) of 35 kilometres to the surrounding community … read more »

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FODEP Advise President Sata on Barotseland Agreement

The Foundation for Democratic Process (FODEP) has urged President, Sata to deal with issues surrounding the Barotseland with caution as they have the capacity to spill over to other parts of the country. FODEP Executive Director, Macdonald Chipenzi says suppressing … read more »

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President Sata ‘s 90 days is a Success.

President Sata with President Mugabe By Kombe George President Sata faced lots of challenges when he took office. But his leadership and government have succeeded in delivering their campaign promises. When he took office, MMD government left record high unemployment; … read more »

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Diaspora Zambian constitutional lawyers castigates constitution-making process

TWO Zambian constitutional lawyers based in Diaspora,US-based law Professor, Muna Ndulo and UK-based counterpart Dr Chaloka Beyan “have observed that the current constitution-making process is deeply flawed and may not produce good results” reports the Post Newspaper. Dr. Chaloka Beyani … read more »

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Chinese shoots dead Zambian

A Chinese National has shot dead a suspected criminal after an exchange of gun fire. The incident happened at Lusaka’s Makeni Villa when three armed men tried to have forced entry into his house around 0200 hours on Saturday. The … read more »

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Zambian calls PF government to publish names of new diplomats in public media to diffuse tribalism & nepotism suspicions

In order to avoid tribalism suspicions within the PF Government involving appointments of diplomats Abroad, Adedo Zamucano President Mr. Brown Chibale Kapika, has called on the PF government to openly publish the names of newly appointed diplomats in the public … read more »

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Underprivileged young girls from Lusaka’s Kanyama Compound have received some much appreciated Christmas cheer from British Airways. The 12 girls, aged from four to 18 years, at Maponde School in Kanyama, received a visit from British Airways staff who distributed … read more »

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