Mampi in bed with Slap Dee caught on “tape”,drops Natural Born Star


By Deejay Wolf

Hope Mkunte

Now before you get your juices up,this is nothing you expected and no its not April fools day. I know! I know this has caught you off guard,but before you start googling this post’s title and hoping to find a sex tape, know that the two former rivals got musically intimate on tape! and by tape I mean they recorded a song together,something both their fans would never have seeing coming.

The song is called “Selecta” and its a banging dance hall song dedicated to the djs.

The tune finds the “Looking For Love” hit maker swapping lyrics back and forth with Miss Mafela on a song that testifies that anything is possible and that beef shouldn’t be taken personal.

Any one who has been closely following Slap Dee,real name Mwila Musonda, and Mampi also real name Mirriam Mukape on Facebook should have sensed that a collaboration between the two heavy weight Zambian stars was in the works. The two have been exchanging pleasantly on facebook  for some time now.

Slapdee claims to be the Zambia's number one rapper on his Facebook fan page

Slapdee claims to be the  Zambia’s number one rapper on his Facebook fan page

This is not the first time that two rivals have made a song together. A while back Tommy D was on the same song “Break The chain” with Slap Dee,Cactus,Ozzy and Crisis. Its hard to believe they actually did the song in the studio together because right after the song came out Tommy Dee started throwing subliminal jabs at Slap Dee in his songs.

Now that you have heard “Selecta” ,which is a good tune,you can grab yourself a copy of Mampi’s new album “Natural Born Star”.

Mampi has released a 10-track new album titled 'Natural Born Star'

Mampi has released a 10-track new album titled 'Natural Born Star'

Mampi has released a 10-track new album titled ‘Natural Born Star’

Raydo lends his midas touch on the beats one again,delivering a sound many fans of Mampi will love to hear over and over again.With distribution by JKayo,the 10 track CD should sell out soon. Mampi is releasing a video for ‘Walilowelela’, another single off the record that she says is strictly for the clubs.

Natural Born Star has been in the making for almost 3 years, much to the annoyance of her fans who look up to her for unique and unapologetic swag  in a male dominated industry. Mampi has defended the album’s delay.

“Most people have complained about my silence but the thing is,when I am not recording it means I am touring and doing shows.

” The album packs several surprises as Mampi actually raps on some of the songs.

“On this new album,I simply want to show people my ability to sing and rap as well and I also want to inspire girls to work hard.”

With songs like The P Jay assisted “Swililili”,Chikondi Chotopinga, Fever, High on me , Chimwemwe, School Girl and Timbuluke,the album is another top seller for Mampi.

Take a moment and let your imagination run wild while you listen to this one. If Slap Dee would do a song with Mampi after all the name calling,is it not possible that Macky 2 and Dee can unite on a track? I am out of here! hehehe!

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15 responses to “Mampi in bed with Slap Dee caught on “tape”,drops Natural Born Star”

  1. asics onitsuka tiger

  2. Haggai says:

    luv u slap vry much bakamba

  3. abel mwandu says:

    mampi i know you love slap dee any am happy for you.

  4. Austin says:

    Slap-Digitty..the Best Rapper Alive..keep doin’ ya’ thin’ man..4 Shizze..sibanga tifake pabussy..!

  5. britttius or kuu lex says:

    i like slap dee and for the truth he is the best whatsoever the case he stand tall as number one.well done man carry on

  6. lucia says:

    Mampi my girl am so proud of u, I was so sad when u leave on big brother eish I voted for u many times,I luv your song why eish its so nice luv u mampi

  7. Mathabang says:

    Mampi,keep up the good work girl,i couldnt stop the tears when i saw you living the big bro house but i knew something great was waiting for u out der,God help me and one day i meet you. . . love u

  8. maxwell v says:

    I knew mampi this year 2012 and I like her music,I’m her biggest fan and I wish she win big brother star game 2012.

  9. cyrus says:

    Dats gud

  10. Dts a nyc song though ma numba one fan z MACKY 2

  11. JavaFX is the wrong way.

  12. Angella says:

    I want dat track pliz!i luv de 2 singerz slap de and mampi wat a hit!

  13. Shi Kevin says:

    Nice one Selecta Deejay Wolf so you’re featuring here too eh!! It’s your man here Sly!

  14. mk says:

    Cheezy lyrics and off tune beat! Louse song

  15. denigo says:

    Good song !

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