Iris Kaingi

One of the students expelled from a college in Zambia after making a porn video has been named as former Community Development Minister Michael Kaingu’s daughter Iris. Her boyfriend has been unmasked as Nathan Silenga.

The pair who were students as Zambia Centre for Accountancy Studies were immediately sacked when the porn clip appeared on an American porn website. Friends of the former minister’s daughter have said the clip was never meant for public consumption. It was shot about two months ago.

One of the friends said things went wrong after Nathan travelled out of town.

“He left his laptop with one of his friends at school and it was that friend who saw the sex video who started circulating it within the school. When the video started circulating, ZCAS students were even making fun of Iris and Nathan and they all including Nathan and Iris would laugh about it,” the friend explained.

“It was just circulating within our school and all of us were just laughing at them. But suddenly it was blown and it is like everyone had it and the school authorities found out and that is when Nathan and Iris were expelled.”

Another friend said Nathan and Iris’ expulsion from ZCAS was so bad as they were told to pack their belongings and vacate the school immediately.

“There were security personnel standing at Nathan’s room and they were waiting for him to leave the school immediately,” she said.

The 16-minute clip is a graphical sexual thriller of Iris and Nathan attempting professional porn-style feats.

The amateur-shot video has the two in a dimly-lit room with nothing else pictured besides them going through a routine of myriad sexual positions with their nude bodies clearly visible.

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  1. My advise to all girls dont make a video if u dont want it shown, and there is nothin like a private picture!

  2. This is inappropriate news to have students kicked out of education because of their sexual life college is for adults outside studies it is a free world anyone can do what they want. The system in Zambia will just never respect people’s privacy except from exposing them this is shameful

  3. Wife was sure that her husband was havein sex wit the maid so she laid a trap,1 evening she sent the maid home 4 weekend & didn’t tel husband,that night when they went to bed, the husband gave the some old story,“Excuse me my dear,my stomach is aching,”& went 2 the bathroom the wife promply went into the maid’s bed she switched the light off,He came in silently,& wasted no time on words but quickly started haveing sex when finished,the wife, said “you didn’t expect me in this bed,did you?” And switched on the light…..“No madam….!!!” Replied the watchman. MORAL sometimes getting too smart can get you screwed. RT: Nsomeka Reggan Mukoloba

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