Iris Kaingu’s friends come to her defence over video

Iris Kaingu’s friends come to her defence over video

Iris Kaingu

Friends of Michael Kaingu’s porn star daughter Iris have defended her saying she had been wrongly depicted as a monster.

Her ZCAS friends who did not want their identities disclosed, said Iris was a girl who had just made a mistake.

Iris’ college mates said she was a good girl who had been painted like an animal.

One of Iris’ friends said it was unfortunate that her friend’s name had been dented.

She said according to Iris, the alleged porn video was not shot for public consumption but that it was meant for herself and her boyfriend, Nathan who is also in the video.

She said the video was shot about two months ago.

The friend explained that things went wrong after Nathan travelled out of town.

“He left his laptop with one of his friends at school and it was that friend who saw the sex video who started circulating it within the school. When the video started circulating, ZCAS students were even making fun of Iris and Nathan and they all including Nathan and Iris would laugh about it,” the friend explained.

“It was just circulating within our school and all of us were just laughing at them. But suddenly it was blown and it is like everyone had it and the school authorities found out and that is when Nathan and Iris were expelled.”

Another friend said Nathan and Iris’ expulsion from ZCAS was so bad as they were told to pack their belongings and vacate the school immediately.

“There were security personnel standing at Nathan’s room and they were waiting for him to leave the school immediately,” she said.

Efforts to get a comment from both Nathan and Iris proved futile as both their phones were not reachable.

One of Iris’ friends disclosed that Iris had since gone back to her home place, Choma.

She said ever since she was expelled for the sex video, Iris was unreachable.

Several other students from the college refused to be drawn into discussing the matter for fear of being implicated.

One of the students complained that the story published in yesterday’s edition of The Post was damaging to the reputation of all ZCAS students.

“Now, I don’t know if I am going to go back to ZCAS because my parents are considering taking me out of the school,” she said.

Her father, Kaingu, said he could not comment on the matter at the moment.

The 16-minute clip is a graphical sexual thriller of Iris and Nathan attempting professional porn-style feats.

The amateur-shot video has the two in a dimly-lit room with nothing else pictured besides them going through a routine of myriad sexual positions with their nude bodies clearly visible.

The video starts with the naked duo fondling on a college-style single bed and Iris’ face comes up, face up performing oral sex on her boyfriend who is kneeling over her abdomen.

After performing oral sex on her partner, Iris reaches out for some juice by the bed side as if to sooth her throat before resuming the rest of the orgy.

Though the couple seems to be conversing throughout the lurid sexual marathon their conversation is not audible as the video sound has been faded out with background music.

The amateurish video whose production is credited to ZCAS and titled ‘Naughty college girl Iris likes Dark N lovely’ on xvideos predominantly features Iris’ face and becomes even more vivid when she performs a close to 2 minute oral sex with her partner.

In the video, the couple attempt various positions including some that resemble olympic-style acrobatics.

Towards the end, Iris slides to the side of the bed and while covering her chest with her right hand, looks into the camera thereby limiting any chance of mistaken identity./POSTZAMBIA