Mr. President “there are no caves online”

By Daniel Mwamba

Daniel Mwamba

When President Sata swore in Mr. Mumba Malila as new Attorney-General, he directed him to investigate the authority of websites “operating in Zambia” that are spreading lies about him and the government.

He specifically directed Mr. Malila to substantiate the legitimacy of Zambian news websites if they are operating within Zambian laws which require them to be registered.

To quote him in his words, president Sata said:

“Last year when we were preparing for elections, these so called unregistered internet sites reported that Mr Sata had collapsed, Mr Sata is very sick, Mr Sata has died…

“So, I am not asking for a witch- hunt, but you as Attorney-General, let us enforce the laws of this country because all these internets are all orchestrated by the UPND. Last year the Watchdog website lied that he was dead, he was too sick, when in fact not. “

It appeared that president Sata had no brief from his advisers on operation of internet sites before he uttered these words.

Unfortunately registration of internet websites in the way president Sata would want them is not possible in this time and age.

It’s not possible to stop people on Facebook or twitter peddling lies. These internet sites will perpetuate scrutiny and occasionally tell lies and the government will do little or nothing about it.

Last Saturday, Eric Schmidt, executive chairman of Google Inc told the CEO Summit on government, Internet and Honesty that broader adoption of the internet will keep governments on their toes as wired-up citizens exercise their newfound power to check rights abuses.

“In nations and communities around the world, citizens are turning to online tools to keep their governments honest. Whistle blowing has never been so easy,” he told business leaders on the sidelines of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) forum in Honolulu.

Google chief cited demonstrations that toppled the leaders of Tunisia and Egypt in which activists used Facebook to schedule protests, Twitter to coordinate them and YouTube to broadcast the events to the world.

“Online citizens can find like-minded allies, they can find like-minded Diasporas from a country. With 52 percent of the global population under the age of 30, the youth can have a bigger say on issues because they are the most prolific users of the Internet,” he said.

Mr Mumba Malila needs to tell the President that there are no caves online. And there’s little place to hide for those who do badly.

Every speech, movement and act of President Sata is recorded, monitored, broadcast, dissected or analysed online instantaneously.

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7 responses to “Mr. President “there are no caves online””

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  2. Miodon says:

    I am afraid Sata has still not got the message! It seems his brain is not capable of understanding this issue, plus many more.

    I think it is called mental retardation!

  3. […] media since his election in 2011. When swearing in Attorney General Mumba Malila, he told him to look into ways of controlling news websites such as the Zambian Watchdog which has had several run-ins with the government in the […]

  4. Gizmo says:

    Guys, Zambians & anyone concerned for mother Zambia. The president is not on prozac neither is he high one any pyscho tropic drugs. but naturally he’s incapacitated. be that as it may, we remain feverant in prayer.

  5. Kayzon Kays says:

    I think our new Government will be wasting valuable time and resources on trying to regulate online publications, it is impossible in this information age where we have so many young Zambians that are internet saavy. Old people want to do things they old way.They don’t seem to realise that the tectonic plates have shifted in 2011.

  6. Adrian says:

    Sata is in power today because Facebook played a role in monitoring the elections, everyone was reporting their observations and results in real time! so for him to just flip flop on this issue does not help.

    I strongly feel without the network of Facebook ant internet the outcome of the elections could have been compromised.

  7. Morgan Nkumbula says:

    Well written my friend… hit the nail on the forehead!! Am afraid our President, is still”old school”, so politically detached from the modern world and current political trends! He has no credible advisors really, they are behaving like a bunch of hapless “Dad’s Army” characters, afraid to tell him facts….despite their PHD academic credentials some possess!

    There is no hiding place now for the corrupt, flip-floppers and idle-politicians warming benches in parliament while taking hefty perks at the expense of the electorate.

    The world has now changed….who needs oppostion leaders and parties when FaceBook, Twitter, Google is watching them 24/7!! The Youths who elected them are now more politican astute, they call the shots and they are now the Masters, period!!

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