ADEDO ZAMUCANO objectives on Zambia government appointments by PF part one

Mr. Brown Chibale Kapika

Once and again, corruption is born at another advanced level with PF Government. Within a short period of time in governance, the PF government has started appointing wrong people into high government offices. The administration is not moving so perfectly and honestly towards Zambian People who brought them into power just few months ago.

Zambians are not happy about how this PF government is running the national business. It seems like we have started playing MMD songs side 2. The same corrupt characters and culprits from UNIP and MMD have bounced back on the Zambian political arena.

Zambian  people  chased UNIP from power  because of dictatorship and overstaying  of Dr. Kaunda, but  KK’s government was the most disciplined and didn’t tolerate corrupt characters, as a result we achieved , ‘’One Zambia, One Nation’’.

All Zambian 73 tribes lived together side by side for 27 years without problems. There was no tribalism or nepotism, and all high profile positions were open to every Zambian citizen. Scholarships and bursaries were open to all students at the University of Zambia and other Higher Institutions regardless of tribe.

What the new PF Government has to put first on its agenda is that, the People of Zambia voted for them to clean out corruption and recycled politicians out from government business and to create space for the younger generation to come in. It is logical that young people of Zambia should learn how to rule themselves before it is too late. The old have to leave for the young people.

The people of Zambia want to see that, there is transparence in all government and private sectors. They want to see honest and trust, equal rights or opportunities, balance of powers towards their engagement of PF government into power. They had hopes of new Zambia, hopes of better life, and dreams of great futures, free from corruption.

The MMD government was kicked out of power because of bad governance and poor leadership. They were not listening from each other within their own camp, and not even from people. They were listening from the sounds and drums of corruption among each other. Now where are they today? They have packed and gone forever and ever, and they will never ever return back into power just like their ancestors UNIP and this can also happen to the PF government in 2016. If they fail to be listen to the people of Zambia, they will pack and go like their ancestors MMD.

So my advice to the PF Government it is now or never, they should start hearing and listening from the public because already so many government appointments are falling on wrong people. The same people who have been involved in dirty corruption activities from MMD Government.

The President has to revoke these appointments and re-appoint clean people. The people of Zambia are very tired and being disturbed of seeing corrupted and recycling politicians still championing and bouncing back into the new Zambian government.

The people of Zambia voted for PF government to bring forth and true totally reformation, score highly economic development throughout the country and improve life and conditions of people national wide.

The people of Zambia gave their mandate not for nothing but to see that the new government operates into a straight and promised way. There is no government in the world today being ruled by one character. There must be different characters to run the government. This is what we call modern and constitutional democracy, a government runs from public opinions and objectives from its own people. The government should  relaying on its own people ‘feelings to deliver the best to all, either poor or rich, a child from village or town  have to have equal opportunities, because our national resources belongs to every Zambian citizens, and national incomes must be disturbed equally to every Zambian through  national infrastructure.

On appointment issues, the president has to be very carefully because this can be a setback towards the fight against corruption. Before making government appointments on suspected corruption individuals, he has first to let their names cleared by the commissions of inquiries, and the court of laws of Zambia, then the appointments can be recommended by him, of course every Zambian citizen is free to hold or been appointment for any position in Zambia, but we have to make appointments based on good records of people, not on names based or hand picking appointments.

In Zambia, we have a lot of well trusted youths, men and women who are capable of executing public offices in honest and trusted ways. The question is when will these young youths going start learning government jobs? The PF government has to stop appointing incompetent people in sensitive and professional fields.

May god bless the people of Zambia, and much love.

Mr. Brown Chibale Kapika  –  BCK

President for Adedo Zamucano

Secretary General for Civil and Human Rights Organization (





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4 responses to “ADEDO ZAMUCANO objectives on Zambia government appointments by PF part one”

  1. kaya says:

    Windfall tax gone,constitution gone until after 1yr,more Money in the pocket also going,MMD roads moving @ a snails pace.Zambians were fooled with the 90 days promise.The PF shud find words to apologise,otherwise the 24th of dec 2011 is catching up with their 90 ultimatum.Now I understand the don’t kubeba jargon,don’t kudabwa.Too many commission of inquiries,wrong appointment,it’s a wait and see situation.In short 90 days 4get,but 5yrs plus another term to finish the developmental programs.Why bcos of the political gap,pipo who have been there from the 60 are still in the system and this system will never change as long as this gap is not checkmated.Come 2016.kAya

  2. Mbewe says:

    Zambia wanted change, but unfortunately by Dec 2012 it will be difficult to distinguish between PF and MMD, as at now 90% of PF is “former MMD”. This is MMD version 2011 OMG just recycling leaders since 1964!

  3. Na mpundu says:

    The Greed of African Politicians/Technocrats amazes me…….aint these the same people that I learnt about in my first social studies lessons, the same ones that cut the ribbon to open that new building 30 years ago, the ones that I lined up in the streets to have a glimpse at while they drove by, the ones that have been headliners all my life and yet today I heard they are back & will make more headlines for the next 5 years…….and the agony is I have not made a single one 30 years since they left the political scene.

  4. Mutinta says:

    Well, well, PF Sata has denied young people the opportunity. He is bringing old tired people. The Finance Minister is definately a wrong appointment, its nepotism appointment – shame on him, I cannot wait for 2016 to vote him out.

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