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Zambia 2012 Budget presentation, Budget speech in full

BY UKZAMBIANS REPORTER IN ZAMBIA Zambia’s new Patriotic government unveiled an expansive K 27.7 trillion 2012 budget yesterday ambitiously dubbed ‘Making Zambia A better Place for all’, with big increases in social spending and farming subsidies to be paid for … read more »

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American government calls on Zambia to institutionalize the fight against corruption

The American government has called on the Zambian Government to institutionalize the fight against corruption to make it meaningful. American Ambassador to Zambia, Mark Storella says the Zambian Government should strengthen the institutions tasked to fight corruption in order for the fight to be all inclusive. Mr. … read more »

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Former ruling MMD members advised to be remorseful and apologise

Government has advised members of the former ruling MMD to be remorseful and apologise to the Zambian people for allegedly engaging disgraced freelance journalist, Chimba Chimba the third, to discredit others on their behalf. This follows revelations that Government will have to pay five-hundred-million-kwacha … read more »

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No Changes Against Zambia – Keshi

Super Eagles’ new Head Coach, Stephen Keshi, said he would stick to the majority ofthe players who were on duty last Saturday for the game against Zambia. Speaking after the barren draw against the Zebras of Botswana in Benin, Keshi said though he felt disappointed that … read more »

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‘MMD greed led to people suffering’

VICE-PRESIDENT Guy Scott says the suffering of the people of Southern Province is due to greed of people who had helped themselves so much at the expense of development, reports the Zambia News and Information Services. Dr Scott said it … read more »

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2012 national budget fair – EAZ

ECONOMICS Association of Zambia (EAZ) president Isaac Ngoma has described the first Patriotic Front (PF) national budget presented to Parliament last Friday as a fairly good budget that keeps in line with its manifesto. Mr Ngoma said the 2012 budget … read more »

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‘Ronnie fork-tongued’

FORMER Minister of Information Ronnie Shikapwasha appears to be standing on quick sand regarding the K500m bill ordinary Zambians will have to foot to defend infamous journalist Chanda Chimba III who ran libelous and malicious television programmes on the public … read more »

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Police probe East MMD rumour mongers

POLICE in Eastern Province have instituted investigations into reports that seven MMD officials are allegedly behind spreading rumours that President Michael Sata had died. Eastern Province deputy commissioner of police Anderson Cheengo confirmed that the police had opened an inquiry … read more »

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FRA storage construction under scrutiny

GOVERNMENT has said it will investigate contracts the Food Reserve Agency (FRA) issued for the construction of 98 storage sheds countrywide. Transport, Works, Supply and Communication Minister Yamfwa Mukanga said yesterday that the Government was disappointed with FRA over its … read more »

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