Adedo Zamucno View towards Correction and Additional to Zambia New Constitution

Mr. Brown C. Kapika

Mr. Brown C. Kapika

We hereby kindly advise President Sata to appoint Dr. Roger Chongwe to head a team of Experts to revisit the Mvunga, Mwanakatwe, Mungomba Constitution and a recent Draft Constitution before drafting a New Constitution of Zambia.

In order to avoid an expensive exercise over the drafting of the New Constitution of Zambia, we are appealing to the President to reduce or avoid all costs or expenses in the appointment of sitting constitution experts.

There should be no more travelling around the country for people’s inputs before experts come up with a draft Constitution. Instead of wasting tax payer’s money in this way, a team of expert must organise themselves by holding six meetings within two weeks and come out with some solid conclusions or amendments before passing  it to parliament for possible enactment.

We just need to add some more information to this constitution including the following:

Point One: Dual Citizenship, including Children of Zambian Parents being born Abroad
Point Two: Illegalized Homosexuality by Zambian Law
Point Three: Restrict Marriage Law among women under the Age of 18 years of age
Point Four: Implementation of Social Security to Old People (Zambian Citizens) over 65 years of age.
Point Five: Reformation of Labour Law
Point Six: Implementation of Pension Reforms
Point Seven: Reduction of Presidential Terms to Four Years, and to maintained two Terms in Office.
Point Eight: illegalized Prostitution by Zambian Law.

We hope that, this message reaches the Zambian President and Constitution Experts.
May GOD Bless Zambia and the People of Zambia.
Mr. Brown Chibale Kapika – BCK
President Adedo Zamucano
Secretary General for Civil and Human Rights Organisation (

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One response to “Adedo Zamucno View towards Correction and Additional to Zambia New Constitution”

  1. Pandawe Mushinso Wa Ngona says:

    Point 2. homosexuality or sodomy is already illegal under zambia law…did you mean make it legal?

    Point restict women under 18 to marry. Are you going to allow men under 18 marry? what about customary law which allow ‘girls of age’ to marry?

    Point4. Does Zambia have enough people in formal employmet or a big enough tax base to pay for social security?

    Point. 8 .prositution is already illegal under Zambian law…does he mean make it legal?

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