Zambia ranked 164th on Human Development Index

ZAMBIA has been ranked the 164th country out of the 187 countries in the world in terms of Human Development Index (HDI), a human Development  report has revealed.

And Minister of Local Government, Housing, Early Education and Environmental Protection Nkandu Luo said the Government would use the Human development report to work towards improving the lives of the Zambian people in the country adding that the Government was happy to work in partnership with the United Nations (UN) systems in Zambia because they present facts as they are.

This was revealed by the United National Development Programme (UNDP) resident representative Kanni Wignaraja at the Launch of the Human Development Report  in Lusaka yesterday.

The HDI is an average measure of basic human development achievements in the country and it masks inequality in the distribution of human development across the population at the country level.

Ms Wignaraja revealed that the 2011 Zambia HDI of 0.430 was below the average of 0.456 for the countries in the low human development group and below the average of 0.463 in the sub-Sahara Africa.

Ms Wignaraja revealed that the first country at the top of the HDI was Norway while the bottom was the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). She said in Zambia, the loss of the HDI due to inequality was above the global average of 23 per cent adding that on the gender inequality index, Zambia was ranked 131st out of the 146 countries representing a slight improvement relative to 2008 when the country ranked 124th out of 138 countries.

She said the Zambian poor households suffer from multiple deprivations which make the poor more vulnerable and continuing in poverty. She also said poverty was equally distributed and vulnerabilities were multiple. And Professor Luo said the report would help the Government to work towards improving the lives of people adding that the report was made at the right time when Government was working towards improving the lives of the Zambian people.

“We are happy to work in partnership with the UN system because they have nothing to hide and they just present facts as they are and so definitely we will use the information from the report  to  improve the lives of the people of Zambia in terms if having access to water and sanitation,” she said.

She also said it was unfortunate that Zambia after 47 years of independence, people do not have access to clean water and sanitation. Prof Luo also said that it was important to protect the environment if the country was to develop./Times/End

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