Adedo Zamucano Versus PF/ New Zambia Governement,and View to the Upcoming New Constitution

By Mr. Kapika

Brown Chibale Kapika

ADEDO ZAMUCANO is busy observing how the PF Government is approaching many important aspects and issues in its governance of the Nation.

We are observing how the PF Government is firing and appointing people in many high profile and sensitive positions whether this system is been done on merit or hand picking or tribal basis.

However, it is important for every Zambian to know about these issues concerning how the PF Government is handling this Government Business, otherwise in some other areas we will be losers.

We believe that all appointments the President is making should be falling on trusted, honest, qualified people with the vision to push our Nation further, or on those people with vision without qualification but trusted ones to save our Nation further.

We need leaders who are clean, – those who fear GOD and respect human life.

However, to improve the Zambian Government, Mr. Sata has to close down Zambian Embassies and Consulates abroad which are not profitable to save the money for Tax Payers.

He also has to open very few Embassies to Nations where our national economy can be benefiting, because many Zambians Embassies are sitting Embassies and contribute nothing to Our Nation. And to this end we have to be very selective before entering into relationships with other Nations by making proper calculations, and analyzing what business this Nations can offer to the Zambian Economy.

Moreover about the New Constitution, the people of Zambia must be protected first. We have to ensure that include evil acts including homosexuality, sodomy, child sex abuse, and incest as criminal offenses. If any person is found practicing homosexual acts he must be immediately caught and send to prison for twenty years without bail, like rapists. As a result to send the messages and warnings to the West including tourist and many others to show the World that Zambia will never tolerate such animal behaviour among same sexes.

In prisons too, sodomy or homosexuality must be condemned. The New Constitution must implement that prison inmates caught acting or involved in these acts in prison should be brought to court and sentenced for ten extra years with hard labour and immediately be transferred to Mukobeko prison in Kabwe.

The constitution must also amend an act of segregation among prison inmates in different groups as a result to avoid sodomy or homosexuality, and an act to promote and introduce separation among prisoners depending different offenses they committed.

The Child Sexual Abuse, or impregnating girls under the age of sixteen by men over 18 years old should become a constitutional crime, as a result involved culprits in such offenses should be sent to prison not less than five years, to stop old men impregnating Young girls. This can automatically improve the standards and numbers of Young girls remaining in schools until the age of eighteen to less matured women. And Child Sexual abusers must not be separated to sodomy or murder or rape, culprits or suspects involved should be sent to prison not less than twenty years. Implementing such an act will bring forth respect and fear among Zambians and foreigners in their homes or public to carry such animal behaviours within their families or other people.

Incest acts between family members has become very common in most rural areas around Zambia, as a result in secret men are impregnating their own daughters without possible prosecution by the law, and some closer family relatives are marrying each other too. The New Constitution must bar incest acts by law and introduce a stiff punishment to those people concerned.

Immunity must be totally kicked out from Our New Zambian Constitution. Immunity against prosecution among African Presidents is fake and it blindfolds Citizens of Nations to respect thieves because it is a satanic evil act in amended into the Constitution to promote Corruption and theft among African Leaders.

This is why Zambia presidents take advantages in office, abusing Public funds because of this evil stupid title of immunity. This title should be removed out from Constitution so that our sitting presidents should be prosecuted by the law when in Office if they commit Crimes. No one must be above the Law.
In addition, we have to amend a policy into Our New Constitution to reduce and fix parliament Salaries including allowances for the President, Ministers and Members of Parliament to normal wages. We can only do so by using the university of Zambia lecturer’s salary systems to be introduced for president, ministers and members of parliament wages and allowances. And we have to fix the Presidential Pension just like UNZA Lecturers, and no more building Houses for former Presidents.
I am wishing that, this demand shall will be passed and included into Our Zambian New Constitution, and may GOD bless Zambians.

Mr. Brown Chibale Kapika – BCK

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One response to “Adedo Zamucano Versus PF/ New Zambia Governement,and View to the Upcoming New Constitution”

  1. MB says:

    Mr. Kapika, I am shocked, to say the least, about your grandiose ideas about developing Zambia or your advice to the ruling PF Government. Firstly, you espouse serious dictatorial traits such as removing immunity! For your information, the President of any country acts on behalf of the people and any action done or indeed ‘mishaps’ in the name of the president, would therefore protect that person. Most civilised countries (including the one you are living in) have this proviso in their constitutions. It is unfortunate, that for a party which has no following (save for being a one man president) that you lead and which has never faced any election in Zambia or anywhere in the world (or even here in the UK where this party ADEDO ZAMUCANO) is based. Unless, you can exhibit some democratic ideals in your party, you must not be given free ‘airtime’ and space to cast your rants on this blog! Please move to the battlefront- ZED!

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