Death of Zambia Corruption, and ADEDO ZAMUCANO advice to the New PF Government

Mr. Brown Chibale Kapika

Mr. Brown Chibale Kapika

It took 20 years to liberate the people of Zambia from rotten Government of thieves and thugs. Zambians now have happiness as they start to experience their right to live and prosper, right to freedom and joy, rights for good futures together with families, right to justice and equality, right to decide the good or bad, right for respect and life as human beings through the coming of President Michael Chilufya Sata.

Mr. Sata has come at a right time when the people of Zambia really need him to reform our nation to be a better place to live in. This man is working so hard and moving at supersonic speed making everything working on time. Within few weeks of his leadership, Mr. Sata has almost changed the face of a collapsed Zambia.

The country collapsed for 20 years because of voting for idiots who didn’t have hearts for Zambians. The thugs who had criminal minds, instead of saving innocent people they enriched themselves. These thugs didn’t have sympathy or mercy for the people of Zambia. The thugs were foreigners.  They did not fear GOD. The thugs were so selfish. They failed to differentiate between life and death among innocent young children, men and women of our beloved country Zambia.

But now their time has turned upside down, and it’s high time they are sent to underground prisons. We needs to start building undergrounds prisons to save these thugs together with their families and everyone involved in massacring government money for the past 20 years. We don’t need to show mercy for these people.

For the past twenty years we lost millions of innocent people through sickness, poverty and hunger under the leadership of MMD. The MMD failed to control the situation apart of entertaining corrupt epidemic HIV virus which infected almost all leaders in government.

Our State House was like a bar of corrupt prostitutes, it was pumped with dirty thugs and thieves. Big dirty deals worth of millions of government dollars were passing through their relatives and friends. Government ministries too, were chambers of corrupt prostitutes.

The government stopped function due to corruption and was run bankrupt for the past 20 years. It was a hit and hide game among corrupt prostitutes. Immediately national incomes enter from our resources or donations from abroad the faster these corrupt prostitutes and their juniors chewed  into their pockets as they wait for more to come. It was disastrous to innocent Zambians. The went for medical treatment abroad while prisoners were for the poor.

It is now or never, things have to change in Zambia. But before that, the laws of Zambia have to take their firm position. People who saved from the previous regimes of  Mr. Chiluba, Mr. Mwanawasa, and Mr. Banda must be thoroughly investigated together with their families and friends. We have to dig out the truth where these people acquired their wealthy. If these people obtain their wealthy through dubious means of corruption, and their monies from government then these people must immediately be arrested and prosecuted by the courts of laws, when convicted they should be sent to mukobeko prison. Lots of innocent people died because of these evil satanic selfish fools who governed Zambia.

I am therefore, calling President Sata to appoint the commission of inquiry to investigate financial mismanagement or misconduct from the previous MMD government backdated from 1991.

May GOD bless Zambia and the beloved people of Zambia!

Mr. Brown Chi bale Kapika – BCK


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8 responses to “Death of Zambia Corruption, and ADEDO ZAMUCANO advice to the New PF Government”

  1. Joseph Sakhar says:

    I can not believe such a poor quality article was published by what I consider a website of respectable quality. Even before analysing the substance, the tone is that of an evil frustrated man from the stone ages.

    Mr Kapika you may be a political clown in Zambia but please try to bring out a semblance of sanity in your persona, especially that you had intentions of standing for presidency.

    • DCC says:

      youung man take your time, never panic, i will contest for the zambian presidency in 2016, later you will know who’s that person is, never fear it is too early for you, but my time it will come and those champions above the laws shall face it ….. disicipline is all about it. thanks for you comment joseph……

  2. Schwana says:

    “We needs to start building undergrounds prisons to save these thugs together with their families and everyone involved in massacring government money for the past 20 years”. Is this a serious article? Are you writing from Burma or Zimbabwe?? This is blind journalism if you can call it that.

  3. ke bankayishane says:

    NO HOUSE should be built for a head of state who has STOLEN, face it, if their WIVES can get away with millions of dollars they are investing in FOREIGN lands, and their CHILDREN buying blocks of flats for their girlfriends, it means they have stolen enough and should not be awarded more. INVESTIGATIONS should be DONE for the whole 20 years that MMD has been in power, there s more than what meets the eye. NO STONE UNTURNED; otherwise Close all
    prisons and let those who stole chickens and cabages because of genuine hunger and poverty caused by the same selfish leaders, BE SET FREE. WE ARE WATCHING

  4. kapika says:

    it is really true, these people the from chiluba, mwanawasa, banda, families and their first ladies, their groups should be locked in prisons for ever and ever.,

  5. kamwendo says:

    Abena ADEDO, remember we are a DEMOCRATIC COUNTRY, as such, should abide by the rule of law, HOWEVER, disgruntled, one may be, like we all are, YOUR TONE OF BUILDING UNDERGROUND PRISONS, NOT SHOWING ANY MERCY etc etc sounds EXTREME! YEs poeple need to be Punished for wrong doing, as well as to DETER OTHERS!! However, “BURYING” people in “Prisons” or would you rather caves or sarcophagi WILL NOT DO OUR DEMOCRACY ANY GOOD – we still need to treat those that have offended us, as humans, OTHERWISE WE WON’T BE ANY DIFFERENT FROM THEM, & ALL THE YEARS ITS TAKEN TO REACH THIS CIVILIZATION, will have been for nothing – for we might as well go back to the dark ages!!!

  6. Nguluwe says:

    banda and his clons should face justice.

    • kapika says:

      banda immunity most be removed immedately by SATA, with passing it to the august hse, SATA must do it himself, so that this malawian witch is send to prison immedatalety without wasting time, why wasting talking about immunity immunity, we are wasting time, lets throw this evil to prison, and later deport him to malawi. Of course we need our govt. money back from all those thieves before sending then to prisons.

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