Sata names new Zambian Cabinet

Sata names new Zambian Cabinet

Chishimba Kambwili - Minister of Foreign Affairs

President Michael Sata has appointed Wilbur Simusa as new Mines Minister, P F party Vice president Guy Scott as republican vice president.

Some of the other appointments include Alexander Chikwanda for Finance, Godfrey Mwamba for Defence, Given Lubinda for the new merged ministy of Information, Broadcasting and Tourism, Chishimba Kambwili for Foreign Affairs, Panji Kaunda as Deputy Minister of Defence and Bob Sichinga as the Ministry of Commerce and Industry

Meanwhile, new Mines Minister Wilbur Simusa said shortly after being appointed to the post said the tax the Zambian government is getting from mines in Africa’s top copper producer is not enough and may need to be reconsidered.

Here is a full list:

1. Office of the President Michael Sata

2. Office of the Vice President Guy L. Scott, MP
Deputy Minister Edgar C. Lungu

3. Ministry of Justice
a) Cabinet Minister Sebastian S. Zulu
b) Deputy Minister Ngosa Simbyakula

4. Ministry of Defence
a) Cabinet Minister Geofrey B. Mwamba
b) Deputy Minister Panji Kaunda

5. Ministry of Finance
a) Cabinet Minister Alexander B. Chikwanda
b) Deputy Minister Alfreda Kansembe,

6. Ministry of Home Affairs
a) Cabinet Minister Kennedy Sakeni
b) Deputy Minister Obvious Mwaliteta

7. Ministry of Health
a) Cabinet Minister Dr. Joseph Kasonde
b) Deputy Minister Patrick Chikusu

8. Ministry of Foreign Affairs
a) Cabinet Minister Chisimba Kambwili
b) Deputy Minister Dr. Effron Lungu

9. Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock
a) Cabinet Minister Emmanuel Chenda
b) Deputy minister Nicholas Banda

10. Ministry of Labour, Sports, Youth and Gender
a) Cabinet Minister Fackson Shamenda
b) Deputy Minister Rayford Mbulu

11. Ministry of Commerce, Trade and Industry
a) Cabinet Minister Robert Sichinga
b) Deputy Minister Keith Mukata

12. Ministry of Mines
a) Cabinet Minister Wylbur Simuusa
b) Deputy Minister Richard Musukwa

13. Ministry of Information, Broadcasting and Tourism
a) Cabinet Minister Given Lubinda
b) Deputy Minister Forrie Tembo

14. Ministry of Education, Science and Vocational Training
a) Cabinet Minister Dr. John N. Phiri
b) Deputy Minister Prof. Nevelyn Willombe

15. Ministry of Lands, Energy and Water Development
a) Cabinet Minister Chistopher Yaluma
b) Deputy Minister Charles Zulu

16. Ministry of Local Government, Housing, Early Education and Environmental Protection
a) Cabinet Minister Prof. Nkandu Luo
b) Deputy Minister Esther Banda

17. Ministry of Community Development, Mother and Child Health
a) Cabinet Minister Dr. Joseph. Katema
b) Deputy Minister Jean Kapata

18. Ministry of Chiefs and Traditional Affairs
a) Cabinet Minister Inonge Wina
b) Deputy Minister Belinda Kawandami

19. Ministry of Transport, Works, Supply and Communications
a) Cabinet Minister Willie Nsanda
b) Deputy Minister Samuel Mukupa

Provincial Ministers:
1. Central – Phillip Kosamu
2 Copperbelt – Yamfwa Mukanga
3. Luapula – Davies Mwila
4. Eastern – Solomon Mbuzi
5. Lusaka – Miles Sampa
6. Northern – Freedom Sikazwe
7. North Western – J. Limata Limata
8. Western – N. Mubukwanu
9. Southern – Katombola Lukulo