Zambia Decides Day 3 – Election results update II


5 opposition presidential candidates storm counting centre
Radio QFM reports that 5 opposition leaders who participated in this year’s presidential election have warned against any haste presidential inauguration and manipulation. The 5 who stormed Mulungushi International Conference Centre were election results are being announced are Elias Chipimo Jr of NAREP,Ng’andu of NMP, Charles Milupi of ADD, Edith Nawakwi of FDD and Dr Fred Mtesa of ZED.

*NAREP’s Elias Chipimo warned against haste inauguration.

*ADD president Charles Milupi said it is suspicious that any election result of Chavuma which is thousands of Kilometres away can be announced yet results in Lusaka are not announced.

Sata still leads out of 85 constituencies declared

ECZ Patriotic Front leader Michael Sata has maintained his lead in the presidential race with results from 85 constituencies declared so far. ECZ chairperson Irene Mambilima announced that the PF leader has 639,787 votes – 42.92 %  MMD’s Rupiah Banda has 542,362 votes – 36.2% while UPND Hakainde Hichilema has 247,284 votes -16.6 %.

111 seats counted by independent website, PF wins 58
The website Zambian Economist is published the results of 111 seats of which PF has 58 seats; MMD 32 seats; UPND 20 seats; Others 1 seat. 37 seats remain (2 have been deferred).


Electoral Commission of Zambia warns Media shuts results web page

The Electoral Commission of Zambia Chairperson Justice Irene Mambilima has cautioned the media to desist from publishing falsehoods and alarming statements related to this year’s tripartite election.  Justice Mambilima says it is an offence for any media house to take such as path.

The ECZ Chairperson was referring to a story published in the press alleging that former commission Director Dan Kalale was seen at the Nakatindi hall at the Lusaka civic centre. – ZNBC

Court orders Post Newspaper, Muvi & Mobi TV

The Lusaka High Court has granted an exparte injuction to restrain the Post Newspapers, Muvi Television, and Mobi International Limited from publishing speculative stories on results of the 2011 tripartite elections. – ZNBC

Masebo storms the totaling centre

Patriotic Front candidate Sylvia Masebo stormed the totaling centre and demanded that the six ballot boxes from Palabana should not be among the total number of ballot boxes.

Ms Masebo demanded for a recount of the six ballot boxes after which Chongwe District Electoral District officer Eddie Mumba said the request was not within the law.

Mr Mumba says only the courts of law can order a recount of the votes of there is petition of the results. – ZNBC

Sata widens his lead

MICHAEL Sata has widened his lead ahead of President Rupiah Banda with almost
73, 000 votes difference from the 33 out of the 150 constituencies, ECZ chairperson Irene Mambilima confirmed Wednesday night.

PF has 56 seats

We are now 100 seats – PF has 56 seats; MMD 23 seats; UPND 20 seats; Others 1 seat.
48 seats remain (2 have been deferred). EC

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88 responses to “Zambia Decides Day 3 – Election results update II”

  1. Hi there, just became aware of your blog through Google, and found that it is really informative. I抦 going to watch out for brussels. I抣l be grateful if you continue this in future. Many people will be benefited from your writing. Cheers!

  2. lubes says:

    the one who is leading is the president. Why are you not announcing him? we all know that Micheal Sata is a new president of Zambia not ukumwibila ama votes. Natwishiba ati ifyo mulekokwela ukulumbula sata as the president mulefwaya ukumwibila! we want to change our country by having a new president. Ba the so called MMD mwiibila sata ama votes lekeni ateke Zambia! alishiba apaba ama errors and he will try to work on it.

  3. why do i keep thinking of RB as the SEVEN DEADLY SINS (SDS) he is extremely lazy, extremely corrupt, extremely power hungry, extremely greedy……

  4. riaserch says:

    the one who is leading is the president. Why are you not announcing him? we all know that Micheal Sata is a new president of Zambia not ukumwibila ama votes. Natwishiba ati ifyo mulekokwela ukulumbula sata as the president mulefwaya ukumwibila! we want to change our country by having a new president. Ba the so called MMD mwiibila sata ama votes lekeni ateke Zambia! alishiba apaba ama errors and he will try to work on it.

  5. Friendly neighbour. says:

    My Zambian friends, what was wrong with Banda? Could you not have waited till 2016/17? This Sata fellow, I am not sure, really Sata? That is the guy you would like to be the face of Zambia. I admire your country and in fact I love Zambians because they hosted Zipra but I am not sure you have done the right thing,

    • PF DIE HARD says:

      @Friendly neighbour, get him if you think hes a good leader. And mind yo business ok. Screw you

      • Frindly neighbour says:

        Well Mr PF Die Hard, I asked you a question but all you are able to do is to respond with insults and contempt. Not a good sign. It makes me even more worried. For a start the guy is 74 (sure not that RN was any much younger!) and secondly what seems to me to be an anti business stance indicates that this guy belongs to the 60’s, musuem material. Does he understand how the modern world works. Certainly I have heard him singing praises of some dubius characters on the continent. Sorry Mr PF Die Hard please present your reasoned arguments and stop being emotional and excited. As a neighbour, you business unfortunately could have a bearing on me, and so I can ask questions but I cannot decide for you.

        • Frindly neighbour says:

          By the way, while I may not agree with your decision I respect it. And so a little respect from you for my views would be civil.

  6. william says:

    High Court dismisses anti-dissemination injunction… –

  7. susi says:

    Can alaa bee recover the 184,000 just 19 constituencies remaining.

  8. musna says:

    There was drama this aftanun in Chongwe wen a known youth climbed a Zamtel mast sayin he was goin to kill himself by throwin himself down if RB is declared winner. Scores of Chongwe residents gathered to watch while chanting “we want change, Donchi Kubeba!” The guy who had been on top of the mast for more than 2 hrs only came down after Sylvia Masebo who was accompanied by Prof. Nkandu Luo came on the scene and pleaded wit him to come down.

  9. fb says:

    We finally made it! Rupiah is ready to concede and we will start a new fight with Sata as the new President. Sanity in our country again! Am proud to have been par of this fight. The harder the battle the sweeter the victory!

  10. fb says:


  11. Spectator says:

    Quick, quick, quick! Rupiah, get out of the country quick before you land in jail!

  12. titi says:

    US Ambassador Advise RB To Concede Defeat As Heavy Riots Spread

  13. Unza Open. says:

    Officially retired: Ben Mwila, Peter Daka, Elizabeth Molobeka, Michael Mabenga, Majory Mwape, Peter Machungwa and soon Ala bee, who else? These shuld not be allowed to masquerading in town, farms are places.

  14. We need change noooooooow…..never should failures be power angry!
    When people don’t need you then they don’t just need you so HE Rupiah Banda should step down peacefully and heard to his farm in an amiable manner.



  15. ken g says:

    RB is power Hungry

  16. Chitwe says:

    I m on my knees praying that uncle Rupia continues. He indeed deserves another term. He is good hearted – forgave FTJ, made peace globally among others. Hate the game not the player. Mind you the mother you have is better than the step mom you dont know.

    • MMD TURF GUY says:


  17. ken g says:

    ECZ is askn for to much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Harry.j says:

    Am wondering whats gonna happen if the R.B’s manage to rig the elections and falsefully emerge as winners…i fear for souls that will perish..Ppl like the Siliya’s will be comfortable..only the innocent victims of circumstances will the bemba proverb ‘Inkalamu nga shile lwa fyani fichulilamo’…i pray my man Micheal Chilufya Sata will sort out issues..then we will have peace.

  19. ken g says:

    MMD inner circle has confirmed that the results posted on ECZ website that they say was hacked are correct.

    Caritas, EU and Other observers have confirmed that RB has lost and for that matter lost with big difference.

    He was advised to concede defeat but he has refused and all the huckus buckus is created by his stubborness.

    People shall remain calm as even MMD has accepted the people verdict and just waiting for next address by ECZ Chairlady at 1800 hours.

    No need to resort to violence.

  20. manfrance says:

    lets just pray Zambian and i believe God will never let us down for the results in Jesus’s name.The elections results have never been so long in history of Zambia.

  21. kanitundila says:

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    Zedleaks is being heavily blocked, these are its headlines

  22. I am Fed up says:

    I am getting fed up.Being waiting since yesterday.I think I am gonna go back to my routine.Anybody who won a bar please open up for me.Need some mosi.All bars,clubs, beerstores,shops are closed.Please I really need a cold beer .I am thirst

  23. […] As of this morning, the government has ordered all media to stop reporting on the election until the Electoral Committee has had a chance to properly release the results (see this and this). […]

    • Trev says:

      Should we be surprised by the recent events ? What does one expect from these Ex UNIP Blokes … They offered us nothing way back then .. and they will offer us nothing new now !!!… It’s all a power game with the citizens at the bottom of the pile…

    • Mwisa says:

      Too bad. Are we not entitled to transparent information. What will be happening in the background. What proper release of results, what was counted at the polling stations is final and is already known. ECZ your failure to release less than five million vote cast is a huge embarassement.

  24. Fwaka says:

    Police should NOT intervene in Kitwe and Ndola, let them wreck themselves into desperation first. Then tell them the results

  25. RAYSIS says:


  26. iYEE says:

    There are heavy riots in Kitwe and Ndola now as people are asking for RB to step down.

  27. OBBY L says:

    Its just too much for these tricksters – MMD, its time for change and indeed time is not on their side. RB has already told the wife to pack in readiness to move from . Zwa MMD, ViVa PF

    • RAYSIS says:

      Ba Obby are you sure with wat you are saying even the pf Leader is a trickster as well actually he knows it better

  28. BL says:

    Power is sweet but fragile. Avoid clinging to power because nature always holds that power back fires especially when one is clingging to it, suppressing others and never giving them chance when in the full light they desrved it.

  29. lk says:

    Cometh the day when the Zambians voice their utter rejection of this government. MMD you had your chance to do something and you failed to deliver, people are suffering have you no pitty? Another five years of Dora and company so that we are subjected to this woman’s foul mouth. Let’s see how much love for the country they have if they become the opposition party. Only this time please leave your marital problems out politics and MMD if Dora was yours spokes person what an image (Goliath in high heels as wells as being mentally challenged)

  30. MMD TURF GUY says:

    VIVA-VIVA-VIVA MMD our presidential seat is for RB

  31. l Simb says:

    What is the latest on results

  32. RAYSIS says:

    My opinion on these elections in the history of zed are 97% clean and clear but our patience is trying to kill it and destroy our precious Zambia

  33. Dora Siliya says:

    “We are feeling confident that when ECZ announces the final results, our presidential candidate Mr Rupiah Banda will emerge the winner. “I am also happy that President Banda is also leading the presidential results in Petauke Constituency,” she said. Ms Siliya said in an interview from Petauke that she was happy that she had retained her constituency. – Times of Zambia

    • Paulos says:

      Dora Siliya just yake your 1 burn 1 vote to Petauke not in Lusaka,Your Candidate Bwezani Kumbuyo knows deep down his spine nerves that he has lost these elections.

  34. RAYSIS says:

    Fellow countrymen and country women this time we should be realistic politics specifically in Zambia. We have been moving on the same level.Coz we have never been satisfied with all the great leaders we have had like the “GREAT” FTJ CHILUBA and HIS HON MWANAWASA tie they died but why should we resort to violence now. We don’t just want peace but also to see our country develop.People lets keep our country jealously as we get on with building a better Zambia as Richard has put it

    • Cup-Cake says:

      R u serious that FTJ was greta??? The BEST leader Zambia has ever had is Levt P. Mwanawasa. He had a good vision for the country and led the country to a better environment. MHS continut to RIP.

  35. ati says:

    Times Reporter MMD spokesperson Dora Siliya has said she is pleased that the voting pattern in the 2011 tripartite elections has remained the same as in 2006 and 2008 and is confident that President Rupiah Banda will emerge victorious when the final

  36. fb monde says:

    Party mood here in Mongu town afta PF’s Nathaniel Mubukwanu was declared Mongu Central MP at 01hrs 2day! On councillors, UPND has won 2, ADD 1, MMD 2 and PF 7. Sata won the presidential vote!

  37. Bola panshi says:

    After every vote is counted and tallied to the total, let the winner be congratulated by those whom time has not favored but violence is nothing but wishful thought of one’s imagination. Violence against who when we are all Zambians and in whose interest when we know that violence begets violence. There is no guarantee that those you want to die for would escape the events of violence.

    • malilisho says:

      We R not all Zambians. Do not take us for granted! Those who are venting their anger by rioting are jsut expressing their low level of conflict resolution. Those who are Busy rigging or trying to rig are also just showing their low level of Democratic Dispensation. The riggers rig, the rioters riot. It is us peace loving, indigenous and Patriotic Zambians who suffer. The Muzungus, Chinese and Indians are in Cape Town and Durban. The posh cars have dissapeared from the city streets, the Banks are not selling dollars, 70% of the shops and firms (Owned by foreigners of course) are closed. Its only the markets which are open which are being burnt by the rioters. The have nots stealing from the have alittle. If we had riots in London because people feel they could steal from the corporations and pay for their college fees, what about miners who have lost their menial jobs to Chinese cheap labour. Ba Mwisa mwa chilamo, thats why you can’t see their pain, because they are not your brothers! It was Riots in 1990 that led Kaunda to accept a return to Multi-party politics, Its was the pressure of a vigilant civil society and a million man march on Manda Hill (parliament) that led FTJ to abandaon his 3rd Term, It was a vigilant civil society and another narch to Parliament that pressured Parliament to remove FTJs Presidential Office Immunity in 2002. Don’t take the people for granted. As for me I cast my vote in peace just count is as I cast and let us all move on in our seperate lives.

  38. ester says:

    ECZ is doing a great job under difficult circumstances and is doing a thankless job. Too many lies have been told of ECZ this week but they came out clean. Sham

  39. ON says:

    I dont think those of you advocating for war are not being fair to us the citizenery,zambians shall will never ever lift panga’s,or any other weapon to hurm a fellow zambia.We just have one country which is zambia.Afterall sata is already winning why worry lets just give the ecz time to do its work.As we can see from the results coming from the ecz they are doing their doing a good job. Please lets maintain the peace and patience.In future we need to improve on ITC so as reduce on manual counting.I LOVE ZAMBIA MY COUNTRY-ON.

  40. Tufweko says:

    BREAKING NEWS : Results Electronic Fraud In Livingstone Intercepted As Residents Burn Nakadoli Market In Kitwe

    There was an attempted electronic Fraud in Livingstone by an ECZ Information Technology (IT) specialist after he attempted to alter (change) the election results figures for presidential election results.
    This happened after the ECZ computer ‘crushed’ and was restored. Some IT specialist from ECZ ‘cooked up’ the results in favour of the MMD but this graft was later intercepted by alert PF monitors.
    The PF monitoring team has since ordered the residing officer to do a manual recount.
    Meanwhile, all ECZ election monitors have been switched off at mulungushi conference centre which is the official national totalling centre without any explanation by ECZ and hence made journalists to have trouble giving updates on election results.
    In a related development, Nakadoli market in Kitwe has been burnt down by Chimwemwe residents this follows the move by the elctoral commision (ECZ) failure to announce the final presidential winner as according to them (the people), they already have the full results which have indicated PF Leader Micheal Sata as an outright winner.
    A tumfweko check found the markets on fire and in flames.
    The residents have however questioned the seating of the Lusaka high court at ‘Midnight’ to ban The Post, Muvi and Mobi Tv’s from announcing the election results.
    Tempers are high across the country with people losing patience on delayed announcement of the outright presidential winner.

  41. Donchi Kubeba says:

    When deciding whether to place an injunction on the media,The High Court in Zambia was supposed to use the “balance of harms” which refers to the threatened injury to the party seeking the preliminary injunction(ECZ) as compared to the harm that the other party may suffer from the injunction (Zambian Media,muvi tv,post,qfm,etc),The injunction does not serve public
    interest and must be removed.

  42. fb says:

    Come what may? RB/SONS/MMD you are going; Who are you to stop the will of the Zambians? Ati:Government has finally obtained an injunction against MUVI TV, The Post, Mobi TV and I think Qfm restraining them from announcing results that have not been verified and published by ECZ according to the ECZ Act and the Electoral Code of Conduct

  43. ha says:

    Plot one ha ha ha! is so sweet people don’t mind shedding blood for it. Its not fair if u lose am election then u lose.People have spoken.

  44. bm says:

    Opposition MMD must now leave state house in the interest of peace and the virtues of christianness as a nation.

  45. Bola panshi says:


    So if nakadoli market the poor use to earn their living is put to ashes, who is the loser? Certainly its your poor mother and mine who depend on that facility put to ashes. Politicians no matter how you do that live in mansions and have all the protection. Therefore is that an achievement or sign of failed thinking?

    • PF DIE HARD says:


  46. Pst. Banda says:

    What is happening to Lusaka constituencies this time around? Delaying in announcing the results

  47. Bola panshi says:


    Yours is highlevel wisdom. Blessed are the peace makers for theirs is a future of blessings.

  48. namashiku says:

    Always remember that Leadership is from God. Zambia is a peaceful country, whoever wins just no it was in Gods plan!

  49. Tayali says:

    There you go, people’s petience is running out. Justice delayed is justice denied. here justice is being delayed and we can conclude that its being denied. Should we sit back?

  50. Justin says:

    Nakadoli Market in chimwemwe Kitwe has been burnt down because of ECZ

  51. RT - Rev Mwambazi says:

    To all peace loving Zambians, the act of gagging the press is going to be perceived as an infringement on the right to information. This will breed serious suspicion from concerned citizens and may be a recipe for civil strife. To those that support the ruling party, this is highly questionable and any right thinking Zambian would be forced to wonder what the motive is here.
    To these supporting the opposition, they need to exercise patience and let events reveal themselves rather than taking measures that will threaten the peace and stability of our beloved Zambia. In spite of the anger and the pain, please wait and see where this gets to.

  52. fb says:

    Whether sata is good or bad for Zambia. Justice should prevail – shame on you old man RB, great grand father – thing about your own legacy.

  53. judy says:

    Banda is a disppointment! This is a time we learn that Kaunda is a great man. He stepped down when he had the opportunity to rig elections in 1991. Then , there was no internet. There is no way Zambia can continue with these kind of politics were ZNBC, Daily Mail, Times of Zambia (public media) just talks and parise one man for another 5 yrs, come on boy. Abash rigging, abash RB

  54. Mubita says:

    Bola panshi – just because you are eating with them, its right for you. what about all the youths and mothers that voted to get rid of this corrupt pig, you want them to sit and watch and go on with “wako ni wako” politics of doing business. No way! He will go, if he was a good leader people would have voted for him hands down with all the tax payers mother that he spent on his campaign – shame of you Bola panshi.

  55. Angela says:

    Bola panshi –
    let the will of the people , you should learn that sometimes you have to fight for justice – learn from what is happening in Tunisia, Libya and like…do not be naive

  56. Chikalabaso says:

    Why impose an injunction on other media? clearly under RB there’s no press freedom… RB’s propanganda machine has now been ushered in to feed Zambians with his rubbish, while we sit and do nothing to avert the situation. KK left the presisdential seat with honour after being defeated by FTJ. We cannot continue with “Wako ni Wako” politics, times have changed. It appears Mr Banda is now realising that “power is sweet”. Don’t they all? FTJ did it..
    They propagate that “Imiti Ikula e mpanga” When are we going to be policy makers? Something must be done!!! Sata, HH and all the other candidate’s, if RB wins need to go into a coalition just to rid Zambia of his rubbish leadership. If Libya did it, then Zambia can do it… Let us wait and see.

  57. fb says:

    ELECTIONS RESULTS (Update : Ongoing)

    PF Wins (56 / 150)

    Bahati – PF
    Bwacha – PF
    Bwana Mkubwa – PF
    Chawama – PF
    Chiengi – PF
    Chifubu – PF
    Chimwemwe – PF
    Chilubi – PF
    Chililabombwe – PF
    Chipili – PF
    Chingola – PF
    Chinsali – PF
    Isoka West – PF
    Kabushi – PF
    Kabwe Central – PF
    Kabwata – PF
    Kafue – PF
    Katombola – PF
    Kalulushi – PF
    Kanchibiya – PF
    Kamfinsa – PF
    Kanyama – PF
    Kankoyo – PF
    Kantanshi – PF
    Kaputa – PF
    Kapiri Mposhi – PF
    Kawambwa – PF
    Kasama Central – PF
    Kwacha – PF
    Livingstone – PF
    Luapula – PF
    Luanshya – PF
    Lumenzi – PF
    Lupososhi – PF
    Lusaka Central – PF
    Mambilima – PF
    Mandevu – PF
    Mansa Central – PF
    Matero – PF
    Mkushi North – PF
    Mongu – PF
    Munali – PF
    Mufulira – PF
    Mpika Central – PF
    Mporokoso – PF
    Mpulungu – PF
    Mwansabombwe – PF
    Mwense – PF
    Nalolo – PF
    Nchanga – PF
    Nchelenge – PF
    Ndola Central – PF
    Nkana – PF
    Roan – PF
    Solwezi Central – PF
    Wusakile – PF

    MMD Wins (27/150)

    Chadiza – MMD
    Chama North – MMD
    Chavuma – MMD
    Chembe – MMD
    Chipata Central – MMD
    Chipangali – MMD
    Chongwe – MMD
    Feira – MMD
    Kafulafuta – MMD
    Katuba – MMD
    Kabombo East – MMD
    Keembe – MMD
    Lunte – MMD
    Lundazi – MMD
    Malambo – MMD
    Mbala – MMD
    Makaika – MMD
    Mkushi South – MMD
    Mpongwe – MMD
    Muchinga – MMD
    Nakonde – MMD
    Nyimba – MMD
    Petauke – MMD
    Senga Hill – MMD
    Serenje – MMD
    Sinda – MMD
    Rufunsa – MMD

    UPND Wins (20/150)

    Bweengwa – UPND
    Chikankata – UPND
    Choma – UPND
    Dundumwenzi – UPND
    Gwembe – UPND
    Itezhi-Tezhi – UPND
    Kalomo Central – UPND
    Kabompo West – UPND
    Mapatizya – UPND
    Magoye – UPND
    Mazabuka Central – UPND
    Mbabala – UPND
    Monze Central – UPND
    Moomba – UPND
    Namwala – UPND
    Nangomba – UPND
    Pemba – UPND
    Sesheke – UPND
    Siavonga – UPND
    Sinazongwe – UPND

    Other Wins (1/150)

    Msanzala – Independent


  58. Bola panshi says:


    Good luck on your war path! Just wondering ,your war will be against whom and which Zambian is worth dying for? You will be fortunate if you will get a Zambian willing to stop earning a living to go die for a fellow human being over elections.

    Mushala and Simbwende thought like you but they found themselves in the firing range. Will be shocked that you will find zambians willing to become rebels to kill their own siblings. And what will do if your war quickly turns out that the personal you want to die for has been assassinated earlier than you hoped in your war?

  59. Bola panshi says:


    Good luck on your war path! Just wondering ,your war will be against whom and which Zambian is worth dying for? You will be fortunate is you get a Zambian willing from earning a living to go die for a fellow human being over elections.

  60. Cholas says:

    even God used violence when necessary. A revolution has erupted already. There can never be no next time. Tunisia has lead the way and all must follow. Otherwise it will be the same old story. Time to chase those crazy mmd baldheads out of the yawn.

  61. pvt says:

    Am seen sata stomin mulungushi and thk wil b resoanable,u say sata sata but wen u provok things ,ther is nothing to on q i can just listen to music and muvi do these people know that pvt has been wonder the never wanted it.

  62. disappointed says:

    why injuction… but RB is an enemy of information.. you have the right to be informed. and now he has stopped the post from giving out information we badly need… I call this conceding defeat

  63. mulenga says:

    Election results have never taken this long to be announed in the history of Zambia

  64. BA ZEDI says:

    Please for the sake of Zambia, those earlier results that came in were genuine. they came in straight from the various polling stations and now all of a sudden we have a blanket of silence. a total blackout of information. Lord forgive RB and MMD for what they are about to do to our country

  65. fb says:

    Where did the attorney general got and an injunction in the middle of the night to restrain the post,muvi and mobi tv from announcing or publishing election results?Why cant you just let the will of people priveil? awe naimwe!!

  66. ric says:

    ah ah ah guys who is playing with my vote? friend better you stop now coz this is my life

  67. moses says:

    Why have they taken so long to announce the results this time around, even the 1991 election result was faster, what of 2011 with improved communication facilities, those are the questions they should answer before they start going to court to seek injunctions against media houses.

  68. emmy says:

    everythin is just so bloody annoyin, after voting and then like this, what is the point of voting. i cant stand that potato been the president for the next 5years,somethin ought to be done about it!

  69. Tinos says:

    After the current results verified by ECZ and announced. It is clear RB is headed for Victory

  70. Electoral Conduct says:

    Better the military rules than RB coz then i will know i cant voice out- but again strategy used by these leaders in zed is such that they over pay senior officers & under pay juniors. For this reason will see that previous coul attempts were by juniors ( Mwamba Luchembe, Steven Lungu alias Capt solo etc). Better a Military state than be ruled by a unipist. Your fault Mike Mulongoti & the late Ben Tetamashimba.

    • Paulos says:

      Its better a trillion to be ruled by military than these criminals from MMD for another 5 years,things will be more worse coz now Rupiah & Sons General Dealers will turn themselves as Procurement Director Generals such that if you want to be given a contract you hav to lick their shoes before you are given acontract……

  71. Angela says:

    What is wrong with publishing results which have been confirmed by ecz officials at he polling stations??? Is it that they are later changed before announcing or what? My patience has really been abused!!

  72. muso says:

    if you want peace, then urge Rupiah Banda to step down now, everyone knows he’s lost by a wide margin, petitions won’t work, the only way to maintain peace is for power to change hands now to Sata who has won the election with a very clear majority, suppressing the results will trigger violence within the next 24 hrs, believe me.

  73. fb.a says:

    Today at 10hrs the EU will be having a press briefing, please take note and
    listen to what they will have to say. The injunction against the private media was issued at 21hrs yesterday and as it stands, this means only ZNBC, Daily Mail and
    Times can announce results.

  74. richard says:

    At this crucial juncture we should jealously guard our peace. It is not worth spilling blood on our soil for the sake of politicians. What ever the outcome, let us accept the results and get on with building a better Zambia and not destroying Zambia.

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