‘Zambia, a massive construction site’ says Zambia High Commissioner to the UK, Professor Royson Mukwena

Zambia High Commissioner to the United Kingdom Professor Royson Mukwena told a health conference on Thursday in London that Zambia is a massive construction site with new health centres, new schools and road works going on across the country.

He was speaking at Zambia UK Health Workforce Alliance conference which is a growing network of Zambian-based and UK-based organizations.

“The government is building new schools, new health centre’s, houses for public servants and road construction throughout the country”, He said.

He said he spent a month in Zambia recently and I travelled across Zambia and saw what was going on.

Professor Mukwena repeated a similar call by President Banda for the doctors and nurses in the Diaspora to consider going to work in Zambia as the government has improved the conditions of health workers.

“President Banda has invested heavily in the health sector.

“The government has introduced good incentives for health workers including doctors’ car schemes, priority housing and rural hardship allowances”, said Professor Mukwena.

A Zambian nurse who recently relocated to Zambia supported the High Commissioner by testifying that the government recently awarded Solwezi general hospital K2. Billion to build health workers houses.

Martha Muli, a nurse in the UK but now working as a tutor at Solwezi general hospital said:

“I am a nurse here in the UK (on sabbatical) but recently reallocated to Zambia as a volunteer at Solwezi General Hospital I would like to urge my fellow Zambians to consider returning home as conditions have improved”.

The conference was updated on the new Zambian Health Strategic Plan 2011 – 15. It was also used to launch the HIFA – Zambia which is an e-mail forum for health in Zambia.

The conference was also used to have more understanding about the inter-relationship of health services, workforce and academia.

It was co-chaired by H.E. Professor Royson Mukwena and Lord Crisp, an independent member of the UK’s House of Lords and Chief Executive of the UK’s NHS and Permanent Secretary of the Department of Health.

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5 responses to “‘Zambia, a massive construction site’ says Zambia High Commissioner to the UK, Professor Royson Mukwena”

  1. kaponya says:

    Zambia is developing, I agree with the Professor, was in Zambia recently, and I saw these projects across our beautful land.

  2. Sebige says:

    credit where its due bane!

  3. Zambian Multi Millionaire says:

    Bwana Prof. your High Commission cannot even process passports on time, let alone land applications, which were introduced by State House. How can I build a house in Zambia when my land application is still stuck in your office from last year?

  4. SHI KEVIN says:

    ”President Banda has invested heavily in the health sector….” “The government is building new schools, new health centre’s, houses for public servants and road construction throughout the country”

    I think the above statements should be taken with a pinch of salt,there’s not much going on really,the situation is pathetic.The newly constructed Lusaka District Hospital on Great East Road was started under Mwanawasa and so was the contruction of Police houses in various towns. The are no new road constructions going on but the Japanese government has embarked on a project to improve the road network in Zambia for free as a gift to the Zambian govt however at the moment this is only happening in Lusaka,almost all the main roads in Lusaka have been repaired,this project also started under Mwanawasa’s leadership so it’s not right to attribute all the development to Banda just because it’s election time,Banda is actuall hardly in Lusaka because he’s always flying about to amass some wealth from travel allowances,am sure he knows his future is uncertain because the people have decided it’s time to change the government,it’s just unfortunate that there’s no proper alternative leader to take over because almost everyone has settled for one man who has also overstayed in government or let me say is a recycled leader like Banda!

    The other construction works(shopping Malls etc) are being done by the private sector and mainly by foreigners ‘as usual.’

    The Copperbelt is an eyesore,there’s no development whatsoever,the roads are in a terrible state,the only place that has improved is Solwezi and again it’s not governement again but the private sector moving there to construct hotels,lodges,banks and all because of the new Lumwana Mine which will be the biggest mine and and the largest single capital investment in the history of Zambian!

  5. Mumpansah says:

    Which schools and Hospitals are being built?The only thing thats been introduced to Zambia are mobile hospitals…

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