TIZ advise Ronnie not to threaten radio staions with closure

Transparency International Zambia (TIZ) has advised chief government spokesperson Liutenant General Ronny Shikapwasha to use his position to build instead of issuing statements that are termed to be political.

TIZ President Rueben Lifuka says general Shikapwasha, should provide guidance to the radio stations instead of taking punitive positions of threatening them with closure.

This follows Chief government spokesperson Ronnie Shikapwasha’s statement suggesting that all radio stations playing campaign songs risk losing their licenses because the Electoral Commission of Zambia has not declared the commencement of political campaigns ahead of this year’s tripartite elections.

Mr. Lifuka says General Shikapwasha should not just provide guidance but should also consider advising his party to refrain from advertising on the same radio stations allegedly being used by the opposition.

He tells QFM that General Shikapwasha’s statement is not only disadvantaging the opposition but also putting pressure on president Rupiah Banda to announce the election date./qfm

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