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“Facebook is part of the CIA” “Beware what you post”

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London calling – Black or white, we are all superstitious!

BY AUSTIN KALUBA Despite westerners consciously or unconsciously being steeped in occultism that manifests innocently as palm reading, the horoscope and observing vestiges of pagan festivals like Halloween, many are quick to label Africans as superstitious. The accusation is usually … read more »

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Council police pounce on shebeen operators, drinking ‘getting out of hand’

By Zumani Katasefa Kitwe City council police on Monday morning pounced on shebeen operators in Buchi township and confiscated packets of shake -shake opaque and sachets of spirits locally known as (Utujijili) Council police sources told the UKZAMBIANS   that Chibuku selling in … read more »

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LAURENT GBAGBO: When time is due, cede power nicely than be embarrassed like this

Laurent Gbagbo captured, a good lesson to leaders who love power Simone, the wife of Ivory Coast strongman photographed with pro-Outtara soldiers after she was arrested Ivory Coast’s Laurent Gbagbo after being arrested, in this still image taken from video … read more »

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